Tackling the patio

Yesterday I tackled the patio… but not the whole thing, just the area where we hang out. It’s a big patio – almost the length of our house. There’s no way I can do the whole thing at once. But a section at a time – yeah I can do that.

Rod got a bit miffed when I listed off things I need him to do but eventually – and without any further prodding – got with the program. I think he must have felt guilty – because he did about 10 other honey-do’s I hadn’t asked for – well, not this week anyway. LOL.

I have a ‘Flip It’ dry/wet vac that made all the difference for mopping the tiles. As it vacs up the water into a filter, I wasn’t just smooshing wet dirt/mud everywhere.

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Instagram post 2102302773369788208_507303 16Jul19  I had a coupon… and really wanted to try the ‘Italian’ sausage. (This was pepperoni and sausage - a great combo!). The pizza was so big I actually had to open the door wider to get it in.  This was so big I still have a couple of meals left in my freezer for a rainy day.  #pizza #newyorkstyle #italiansausage #pepperoni #dinnerforonex8 #2019pad
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Instagram post 2102315663925675135_507303 23Jul19  This is a book, made by other grieving parents in my area for others in the same situation.  In my group for spouse grief, we talked about doing similar.  As the meeting ended, the therapist offered a copy for me to give to my grieving niece who lost her son a year ago.  A very lovely act of kindness, indeed.  #2019pad #grief #griefsupport #actsofkindness
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Instagram post 2102305125032234240_507303 18Jul19  I was given a 4 pack of individual sized tuna cans so I made one of my favourite ‘comfort’ dishes… crunchy topped tuna casserole.  Although, even by my standards this was probably a bit more crunchy than I’d intended. Delicious though.  The carrots were some of the ones that I snap froze earlier.  #whatsfordinner #tunanoodlecasserole #2019pad #cooking  #cookingforone #comfortfood
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Instagram post 2102307424324348294_507303 19Jul19  I loved watching these seagulls having a chat over the railing.  #beach #christiesbeach #seagulls
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Instagram post 2102309005828799618_507303 20Jul19  Well that’s just the wrong cat!  Moonshine decided to try sleeping where the other cats sleep.  It appears I’ve trained yet another cat to sleep on the kitty blankets, not on my doona.  #2019pad #catsofinstagram #mycatsthinkimcrazy
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