Photo a Day 2019

These photos are my Photo a Day 2019 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty mundane stuff!  Enjoy!

31Dec19  I spent New Year’s Eve with @pathales and her husband  This pic was taken using a different camera app from my usual as I’m testing out if the default camera app is screwing with the green and yellow colours or if it’s the camera itself.  Next to David is his pal Millie the bird.  She danced half the night and was the life of our little ‘party’. #happynewyear #2019pad #goodfriends #nicewine
30Dec19  I treated myself to a cold dinner tonight. I have been making up extra Vetta spirals the (high fibre, high protein kind) because I find them tasty and filling plus my glucose does better with it.  I found a little jar of gourmet “Lemon, Garlic and Dill” dressing in my pantry (thanks to (@servicetoday) and it was just enough to add some nice flavour to my smoked salmon pasta salad.  For extra moisture, instead of mayo I used hummus. You really wouldn’t be able to tell the difference but wow, what a nice meal.  For crunch and colour I added spring onion and a handful of frozen peas.  #cookingforone #2019pad #smokedsalmon #lemongarlicanddill #vetta #pasta
29Dec19  That satisfying feeling when you work out for yourself how to do something that you really want.  I added a second monitor. I’d bought the right thing (a USB-C adaptor hub that gave me access to SD cards, more USB ports and an HDMI port). But I thought it didn’t fit into the slots for Thunderbolt 3.  I tried it on a macbook and it worked fine so I had another try and this time got the adapter plugged in all the way.  Having 2 monitors lets me chat with family on one monitor while inspecting photos full screen on the other.  Plus I can delete photos I don’t like from the extra monitor, saving me a bunch of time and mental processes doing it on one screen.  #imacdualmonitors #imac #dualmonitors #diditmyself #achievementunlocked #2019pad
28Dec19  Easy lunch.  Avocado with chicken salt and a beef, bean and cheese quesadilla.  #whatsforlunch #latergram #2019pad #avocado #quesadilla
27Dec19 Instead of the usual Fish & Chips, I made an amazing ramen soup with whole wheat ramen, steamed Hoki and veggies.  #latergram #2019pad #cooking  #cookingforone
23Dec19 “Before” pic of my roof restoration.  It won’t be finished until around mid January but I’m looking forward to seeing progress.  #latergram #2019pad #roofrestoration
13Dec19  Cherry Ripe Cheesecake at @victoriahotelsa while celebrating Erik’s birthday.  YUM  #delicious #2019pad #latergram #happybirthdayErik #cheesecake #cherryripe #cherryripecheesecake
27Nov19  Even when they’re outside, the cat’s are still keeping an eye on my progress!  Noble appears on the TV screen via ChromeCast and a slideshow of my Flickr pics.  Meanwhile, my rowing stats for today included this short 10 minute drill - I did 3 for a total of 30 minutes and 2888 meters.  I’ve joined The Crew at Dark Horse Rowing and started on the Intro 101 course.  I look forward to doing a lot more learning and rowing.  #rowing #catsofinstagram #2019pad #rowvember #darkhorserowing #homegymlife #keepmoving #iamadarkhorse
25Nov19 Cheeseburger salad.  No buns!  The burgers have a bit of ‘burger sauce’ on top of the cheese.  This turned out very tasty and filled me up.  I’d definitely do it again.  #2019pad  #cookingforone #cooking
24Nov19  Gorgeous sunset at Christies Beach tonight.  I had a great day, reached my goal(s) on the rowing machine and picked up a pizza on the way home from the beach.  #sundaybeachwalk #beach #sunset #christiesbeach #2019pad
23Nov19  Today wasn’t at all easy and I had to pause and change shoes about midway through.  Shoes that are too loose can really be a problem when you’re trying to keep good form going.  I saw areas of improvement, but I also heard a lot of complaining muscles!  I got to 2k though!! #rowvember #rowing #darkhorserowing #2019pad #homegymlife #keepmoving
22Nov19 I’ve committed myself to rowing 2k every day until Christmas, firstly as my participation in #rowvember , and then to take part in the #concept2rower challenge that lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve in an effort to reach 50,000 meters.  If I make it, then will receive a donation and meanwhile I’ll be doing something good for myself too.  Today I had the Gym Advisor (sitting in the window) keeping an eye on my progress.  #rowing #darkhorserowing #2019pad #homegymlife #keepmoving #catsofinstagram

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