Photo a Day 2019

These photos are my Photo a Day 2019 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty mundane stuff!

Instagram post 2107727021584267352_507303 07Aug19 Not only did I score a seat, I got a seat in the Polaris section. Thanks @united !  #usaadventure2019 #unitedairlines
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Instagram post 2107721388105506173_507303 07Aug19  As I was flying standby and my seat wasn’t yet certain, I was led to a spot to sit and wait until I was fetched.  It was kind of fun watching people get their suitcases and boxes wrapped in plastic…  what a weird thing as you know darn well (or should) it’s going to be torn into by customs or TSA.  #flyingstandby #airportpeople #waiting #usaadventure2019
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Instagram post 2107716259939787159_507303 06Aug19 Before heading off to America, I spent the night in Sydney at a hotel. This was the nicest hotel bed I’ve slept in… ever.  Very comfy!  #2019pad #hotelstay #citadineshotel #comfybed
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Instagram post 2107708812726479502_507303 05Aug19  Packing is such fun, isn’t it?  NOT!  #2019pad #packing #goingonanadventure
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Instagram post 2102334779323558670_507303 03Aug19  I’m sure the Cole’s delivery driver and the packer thought this order must be for a crazy cat woman… I have a good reason though.  And I even found a safe place to store all the cat food too.  #2019pad #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #stockingup
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Instagram post 2102333245265118813_507303 01Aug19  Well that’s a surprise.  Neurmal up on the new cat tree…  she’d actually been sleeping there.  #2019pad #catsofinstagram #kittytree #justhangingout
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Instagram post 2102330174019661292_507303 01Aug19  Annual mammogram over and done with.  This marks 18yrs since I had breast cancer.  The 1 spot was a bit of calcification.  Phew!  #2019pad #annualmammogram #mammogram #breastcancersurvivor
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Instagram post 2102328689395314888_507303 30Jul19  Breakfast for dinner.  And it was sooo good.  2 slices of bacon, lots of mushrooms, toast with vegemite, some scrambled eggs with cheese and green onion and one over easy egg with the yolk broken so it oozed onto the toast (the way I like it). I couldn’t decide on which way to have the eggs so did both just to see if I could.  #2019pad #cooking #breakfastfordinner #eggs #scrambledeggs #eggsovereasy #mushrooms #toastwithvegemite
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Instagram post 2102322006300524202_507303 30Jul19  New vape tank on the left and interesting refillable vape pod on the left.  I visited a new vape shop the day before and had a lovely chat with the owner and his wife.  The tank is a Uwell Crown v4 and it’s really pretty. I’m happy with the tank but not sure about the coils for it just yet.  I seem to be going through them way too fast.  I like the pod for when I’m using my tablet.  No leaks, seems to last forever and although it’s not a great big burst of clouds, it’s enough for me to toot on while playing games.  #2019pad #vape #vaping #vapegear #uwellcrown4 #uwellcaliburn
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Instagram post 2102317966959279491_507303 28Jul19  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to avocado green as a food colour, but it sure tastes alright!  This was an avocado prawn ‘salad’ that I made to go inside a couple of nice rolls that I had.  It turned out fantastic.  #2019pad #cooking  #cookingforone #sundaytea #prawns #avocado
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Instagram post 2102316284103718019_507303 25Jul19  Oooh, that’s a big suitcase…  #2019pad
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