12 of 12 Pics

What’s the 12 of 12 about?

The idea behind 12 of 12 is to take 12 photos that show what your day was like on the 12th of each month. Sometimes it can be a fun day out, other times it’s a typical day at home. You can still view the entire series of pics from December 2009 through to the present on my Flickr 12 of 12 Collection. 

October  2020 (8 of 12)

I didn’t manage to take 12 photos for 12 of 12 day so instead I’ll share the 8 photos I did take and just not worry over minor details. 

September  2020

Saturday the 12th of September was a lot like the 12th of July this year. I went shopping and to the chemist, visited Shaun at his new place, and made stir fry for dinner.  

July  2020

 It was a pretty typical Sunday for me with laundry, groceries, and making a stir fry for dinner.

June 2020

Friday the 12th of June and I am still mostly staying home and trying to stay out of trouble.  I have cat photos and lunch, listening to my son, chatting with Diane, working on a little project and of course having some wine and Bingo.  It was a pretty good day. Very ordinary, but that’s OK by me!

May 2020

Still in lockdown, but had a nice day anyway.  I had a nice chat with my sister, got a gift from the tax office that was actually a surprise. I took the bins out and saw the horse across the road, then checked out my giant lavender bush. I did some washing, worked on a combination of IFTTT and Zapier to get my ToDo list items from Alexa into ClickUp easily. I had my weekly T2 diabetes injection (not fun, but it’s made a BIG difference in my glucose results). Then I played with the kitties and treated myself to an ice cream that didn’t raise my glucose.

April 2020

April 12th just happened to be Easter Sunday, which wasn’t a whole lot different from most of my days, but it did include a lovely roast turkey thigh for my dinner.  And some lovely chocolate easter eggs to enjoy with cherry liquor.

March 2020

March 12th was a Thursday that included a visit from a friend that lives in Sacramento, California.  There are only 11 photos (and one of those is pretty blurry), as I kind of lost track after a bit. Ooops! 


February 2020

The 12th of February 2020 was a pretty average day in my household.  The only bit of excitement being weeding my rosebed and popping out to Aldi to pick up a couple of sale items.  This is first time I’m using a new feature on my website to display the photos instead of Flickr. 

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