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Welcome to ‘Gaelyne’s Sanctuary’. If you’ve visited in the past (welcome back!) you probably noticed I’ve given my site a new name and look. I’ve spent several months working on this revamp – mostly trying to find the time to work on it. I chose the name ‘sanctuary’ because I found working on it has given me a sense of peace while the rest of my world seems to be falling apart. My husband was fighting lung cancer, so life was a little crazy then. It’s a place where I can come and make one small corner of the world a little brighter.

I have a variety of interests but they boil down to cooking, writing, taking photos and playing Bingo on Facebook. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to talk to me in comments or on the contact page.

What's in my Sanctuary?

My Blog

I had a few off-site blogs before deciding to have a blog on my own site. I don't blog very often, but when I have something I want to share, I'll write about it. The topics range from general, fitness, cancer, diabetes, vaping and maybe a rant here and there.


I love cooking, sharing recipes and enjoying myself in the kitchen. Most are recipes I wanted to share with my kids or have available so I wouldn't lose them. I don't do fancy stuff, but I like challenging myself with learning to cook something I've never made before.


I enjoy taking photos with my camera and have a few projects I do such as Photo of the Day, and 12 of 12 days and a group on Flickr and Facebook called Challenge Friday. If I happen to cook something I'm pleased with, I'll often take a photo of it for my pic of the day. Mostly the photos I take are snapshots of my life, which is pretty mundane, I think. But my world is different from what my family in the USA experiences so sharing seems a nice thing to do.

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Photo a Day 2019

These photos are my Photo a Day 2019 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty

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Photo a Day 2018

These photos are my Photo a Day 2018 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty

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Challenge Friday

I’ve joined another photo group, where a challenge word is given on Fridays and we have a week to take photos that represent our interpretations

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Random Instagram Pics

My Facebook Fitness Page

13Oct20  Well the rainbow watch band arrived.  I’m still waiting (as of the 17th) for the watch, though.  I wasn’t about to spend nearly $1k on a watch with a Milanese loop when I can buy the bands elsewhere separately.  I’m frugal.  Mostly. #2020pad #watchband #milaneseloop #frugal
15Oct20  Having lunch with Anne who was helping me on a special day. It was the 20th wedding anniversary for me and Rod.  We made it to 18yrs.  This day was harder for me than Rod’s birthday, but having a good friend to be with helped immensely.  #lunch #lunchwithafriend #harddays #widowslife #20thanniversary #goodfriends
13Nov20  I completed a particularly hard session of rowing, doing the LYR Calories 3 workout.  What kept me going was the little text in the very top corner of my old LG V20 phone … my motto … “Just Keep Moving”. #concept2rower #rowing #darkhorserowing  #homegymlife #keepmoving #justkeepmoving  #2020pad #lgv20 #ergzone #polaroh1
09Nov20  Another munchy lunch with cucumber, cos lettuce and cherry tomatoes.  I had a stack of the lettuce leaves with a thin slice of ham in each as well.  It wasn’t quite a wrap, but it was tasty.  #2020pad #cookingforone #muchlatergram #cooking #lunchmunchies #healthylunch
11Oct20  The coolest card ever.  This is handmade, hand cut.  It was also a good thing to try my camera on to see if it could handle the depth and shadows for this card.. It passed!  #jacarandatree #jacarandacard #jacaranda
11Oct20  Playing with my camera.  This is my desk, and it’s clean!  I love my desk, which is good because I definitely spend a lot of time here for working, being with my family, hanging out with friends and playing the occasional game (which I should do more often). #desk #cleandesk #mylunchplace #mydinnerplace #mygamesplace #myworkspace
21Oct20  My birthday (on the 18th) had a rough start.  Noble came in limping badly and favouring his left leg while his right he wasn’t using at all.  It was a Sunday. I took him to the only open Animal hospital who gave me pain meds, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory for him.  We discussed xrays but at $700 plus possible surgery costs, I felt it best to take the wait and see approach.  Even lying down you could tell that his right leg was giving him problems.  #muchlatergram #2020pad #catsofinstagram #sadkitty
10Oct20 @kirky1991 and I having brekkie together.  #latergram #friendshelpingfriends #breakfastinglenelg #brekkiewithfriends
03Oct20  Well this was quite the twist.  I arrived for our monthly Lunch Group get together and was the first one there. That NEVER happens. Erik & Anne are always there before me no matter how hard I try to be there on time or a little early.  They were very late because the Access Taxi they needed didn’t arrive on time (nearly 2hrs late). I’d also forgot that a few people were on holiday so we could have had a much smaller table anyway.  Oh well, we had a nice lunch and catch up eventually!  #cf20#2020pad #latergram #lunchgroup #twist #feelingalone #waiting #latetaxis

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