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The view from my front door

Welcome to ‘Gaelyne’s Sanctuary’. If you’ve visited in the past (welcome back!) you probably noticed I’ve given my site a new name and look. I’ve spent several months working on this revamp – mostly trying to find the time to work on it. I chose the name ‘sanctuary’ because I found working on it has given me a sense of peace while the rest of my world seems to be falling apart. My husband was fighting lung cancer, so life was a little crazy then. It’s a place where I can come and make one small corner of the world a little brighter.

I have a variety of interests but they boil down to cooking, writing, taking photos and playing Bingo on Facebook. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to talk to me in comments or on the contact page.

What's in my Sanctuary?

My Blog

I had a few off-site blogs before deciding to have a blog on my own site. I don't blog very often, but when I have something I want to share, I'll write about it. The topics range from general, fitness, cancer, diabetes, vaping and maybe a rant here and there.


I love cooking, sharing recipes and enjoying myself in the kitchen. Most are recipes I wanted to share with my kids or have available so I wouldn't lose them. I don't do fancy stuff, but I like challenging myself with learning to cook something I've never made before.


I enjoy taking photos with my camera and have a few projects I do such as Photo of the Day, and 12 of 12 days and a group on Flickr and Facebook called Challenge Friday. If I happen to cook something I'm pleased with, I'll often take a photo of it for my pic of the day. Mostly the photos I take are snapshots of my life, which is pretty mundane, I think. But my world is different from what my family in the USA experiences so sharing seems a nice thing to do.

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Photo a Day 2019

These photos are my Photo a Day 2019 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty

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Photo a Day 2018

These photos are my Photo a Day 2018 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty

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Challenge Friday

I’ve joined another photo group, where a challenge word is given on Fridays and we have a week to take photos that represent our interpretations

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Random Instagram Pics

My Facebook Fitness Page

8Jul21 Garlic Steak and Rice Blend with a veg on the side (not shown). The rice blend is brown, wild and red rice. I just love this blend.  #2021pad #cooking #cookingforone #airfrying #airfryer
07Aug21  I went for a walk around the block and noticed this rather weird looking cactus plant.  No idea what it is, but if you know, feel free to inform me! 
#muchlatergram #2021pad #walk #neighbourhoodwalk
15July21  This little thing is a Raspberry Pi. It now runs my lights and other automations in my house without needing to worry about having the Internet working or not. I also wanted to move the automation stuff from my computer because a reboot or a long OS update could make the lights not work right until the computer was back up.  This little gizmo takes care of all that for me. I never thought I'd be using a Raspberry Pi let alone putting together the case and fan for it on my own. The hardware side was easy. Networking had me in circles for awhile until I found how to get the MAC address for the ethernet. With that, I was able to give it a permanent IP address and everything worked like a dream after that. #cf21 #manmade #rpi #raspberrypi #homebridge #homeautomation
6Jul21  What's better than mark down cake?  Markdown cake that's also sugar free and low carb.  This really satisfied a craving for cake I was having without making my glucose go high. Win!  #2021pad #chocolate #nutella #cake #sugarfree
20Sept21 This is Neurmal... Hiding in one of the hidey areas of the cat tree.  You can make out her collar and I believe she's got her face down on the carpet.  Silly kitty. #muchlatergram #2021pad #catsofinstagram #hiddenkitty
14Jun21  Monty cuddles up between Shaun's legs while we watch a movie.  Mac is in the background with glowing eyes.  #catsofinstagram #muchlatergram #2021pad
25Jun21  Fish Friday again. I made a sandwich using the fish fillet and a hotdog bun.  It was good. I could have easily had another but my glucose would have been through the roof!  #fridayfishday #fishsandwich #2021pad
3Jul21  I bought a new mask - along with some additional PM5 filters to go inside it. This one has flowers with a sparkly silver pattern in it.  #2021pad #wearamask #maskssavelives
10Sept21  I heard that @Concept2 had a new attachment / replacement part for their rower that lets you securely attach any size tablet or phone to the monitor arm and after checking it out, ordered one the same day.  This is my iPad in the holder and what a big pain relief (literally) it's been for me. I used to get a sore neck trying to see the monitor, or my phone above it - and would be struggling to read the text.  No more neck straining and I can see my split time and spm easily.  I love this new replacement part!  Meanwhile, Noble, my three-legged Gym Manager, keeps a watchful eye on what I'm up to. This seems to be his favourite way to chill.  #muchlatergram #2021pad #rowing #darkhorserowing #homegymlife #keepmoving #imadarkhorse #2021pad #rowing #indoorrowing #tripodkitty #threeleggedcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram
7Sept21  Noble stretches out in a diving position.  I love the way there's a white line before his black tail starts - and it's such a long tail.  Yes he may only have one front leg but he makes very good use of it.  #muchlatergram #2021pad #catsofinstagram #catdivingposition  #tripodkitty #threeleggedcatsofinstagram
24Jun21 I enjoy using the smaller Mac keyboard but I really miss having a numerical keyboard. I found this on Amazon and it gives me back all the missing keys plus duplicates a few as well. Having Home/End plus the Page Up/Down keys are also a godsend.  I love the numerical keys for when I need to do two factor identification on websites, which I'm using far more often lately. It has a battery that's chargable via USB but also turns itself off when not in use. I just press a key and it wakes up again. Being small when not needed I just move it out of the way. This was great find! #2021pad #numericalkeypad #extrakeypad #cf21 #connect
16Oct21 My old treadmill is gone and I finally have my rower next to the window.  The room is so much nicer to walk through and BE IN now.  #muchlatergram #rowing #darkhorserowing #homegymlife #keepmoving #iamadarkhorse #2021pad

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