Vape Away

Photo by Gaelyne Gasson

I quit smoking all together in December 2011.  Before then, I had to actually work at becoming a vaper.  It wasn’t an automatic thing for me.  Some of the articles here are a little dated, but I do plan to add some current reviews of my favourite vape juice and what seems to work for me as far as devices and tanks go.  

Using Cartomizers

Hello vaping world!  I thought I might write about cartomizers as I seem to have acquired several different types and they all seem to be

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Trying Things

I’ve been off the smokes for a month and 3 days now.  In that time we’ve had Christmas, New Years, a heatwave with no A/C

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All Day Vaping

According to my little ‘quit smoking’ app on my phone, I’ve now been vaping exclusively for 11 days.  In that time I’ve had no withdrawal

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