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According to my little ‘quit smoking’ app on my phone, I’ve now been vaping exclusively for 11 days.  In that time I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms, no being cranky and irritable, no problems at all.  About the only thing of note would be that my lungs have been cleaning themselves and I’ve coughed up a lot of icky stuff which is now becoming less and less.

I tend to mostly use cartomisers throughout the day when vaping, but when I have my vape breaks out on the patio, I prefer to use the drip method.  I get a much warmer, smoother & quieter vape, and because it has a beginning (when I put liquid in the atty) and an end (when I get the “you’ve used your liquid up” taste) it’s a bit more like what I had when smoking.  When you use a cartomiser it lasts a fair long while – several hours.

One of the first things I noticed after a few days of full time vaping is that I certainly use much more in the way of e-juice.  I’ve made up my favourite flavours in larger 30 ml batches so they can steep and will be nice when I’m ready for them.

I’ve learned to make up a few cartomisers with the juice that I use the most. That way when one gets empty I can toss it into the bag to be refilled later and grab another one that’s already filled. It makes for a very quick and easy change over.

Last week I tried a little ‘tank’ type cartomiser named ‘Bud Sapphire‘.  I thought it would give me a bit longer vape and skip the added filler that’s in cartomisers (some of which can be very noisy). The Bud Sapphires came in a box of two and the first one I filled with a freshly made up juice that I thought I’d love to vape on all day. I don’t know if it was the device or the juice (haven’t been game to try it since) but the first taste was wonderful. The second was stomach-churning awful.  So I let it sit for a bit and tried it again. Same thing. I let it sit for a few days trying it every now and then with the same results each time. Very odd. I removed the liquid with a syringe and tried something else but there’s still the hint of the other juice. The second sapphire I tried with juice I use all the time and it’s all right – it gives a lot of vapour but lacks in throat hit and just doesn’t seem to have much ‘oomph’.  I keep this on my bedside and use it for my first few vapes of the day. It’s the one time of the day when I need something ‘light’ rather than giving me so much it blows my lungs out.  The other thing I don’t like about these is the flat tip.  I’ve really become spoiled by using drip tips with a round mouth piece. It just feels far more natural to me.

This week I ordered a couple of Baby Notta tanks from Vape King.  These are inexpensive ‘tanks’ that use a regular cartomiser with a little hole punched in it. The cartomiser sits in a plastic cylinder with gaskets on either end. You first fill the cartomiser with juice, put it in the cylinder and make sure the gaskets are in properly on both ends.  There’s a little plastic screw on the cylinder near the top that you unscrew to access a small hole to insert a syringe and fill the cylinder up with liquid.  Once done, the screw goes back in, providing a sealed tank.  The liquid gets added to the cartomiser from the small hole and as the Baby Notta holds about 3 ml of liquid, you’re all set for about the same amount of time as 3 or 4 cartomisers full, at least. I’m really glad I gave this a try – and that I bought two.  I took the first one apart to ensure I could put it back together again — when the cartomiser reaches the end of its life I’d need to replace it  so knowing I could re-assemble was important to me. Having the spare one to see what a correctly assembled tank is supposed to look like was very helpful.  Only problem I have at the moment is what juice to put in the second tank!

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