Don’t Tell me I’m a Smoker

13 December 2012

Last week I got into a little argument with someone about my using Ecigs vs smoking. He told me I’m still a smoker because I’m still getting nicotine. However, I’m not lighting up tobacco and burning anything. I’m not inhaling smoke or the 40,000 different chemicals that have been identified in cigarettes. I’m inhaling a regulated amount of nicotine that I can adjust myself, and the other 3 ingredients are flavour and what’s used to make the mist/vapor. Which are also used in the fog machines at concerts. Think of all the rockers who live on tour and spend hours in the stuff. The same ingredients are also used in asthma inhalers.

He fixated on nicotine being harmful, but I think some wires are crossed. Smoking tobacco products is harmful. The nicotine itself has it’s uses. As an example, here’s a link to an article from the American Academy of Neurology on the Growing List of Positive Effects of Nicotine Seen in Neurodegenerative Disorders.

The other day marked a year since I finally let go of the cigarettes and moved on to only using the Ecig. It took three months to reach that stage. It certainly wasn’t overnight. I let the day go by without fanfare because I was still upset to be told I’m dumb for considering myself a nonsmoker because I’m still inhaling nicotine in an Ecig. So today I’m feeling a bit grumpy with myself about it.

I know better than to let someone rain on my parade. I know I shouldn’t listen to that inner voice of doubt that got planted there from our little discussion. A younger, more impulsive me probably would have said and lit up the next available cigarette just out defiance and self hatred. Fortunately I’ve matured in my old age and just really no longer like cigarettes. They smell awful and the one or two puffs I’ve had in the last year caused me to rinse my mouth out, brush my teeth and take a shower. Blech!

It’s been a year. And that’s something to celebrate.

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