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I’ve been off the smokes for a month and 3 days now.  In that time we’ve had Christmas, New Years, a heatwave with no A/C and both Rod and I have had nasty colds.  I reckon if I can make it through all that without a hitch, I’m nearly home free.  I do have the odd twinge of a craving, but I keep my E-cig next to me, right where I used to keep my lighter and just reach for that instead and before I realise it the craving is gone.

Although I’m sure in the long run I’ll be saving money, in the meantime I’ve been trying different hardware as well as various juice flavours.  It’s been fascinating and very rewarding.  I’ve found that I really enjoy mixing juices and trying flavours – there’s a satisfaction to whole process that’s hard to describe.

Ego VV

Just about a week after I quit a new device I ordered arrived. It was an Ego-like VV (Variable Voltage) battery that has 3 different voltages, the highest being about 4.5.  The regular batteries I’d been using give 3.3 voltage or is it 3.7? I forget. The higher the voltage the more flavour, vapour and ‘throat hit’.  Throat hit is that feeling you get when smoking on inhaling.  Some E-liquid and voltages give more than others.  Until I experienced this with the new battery, I had no idea what it was.  And once I did, I wanted more.  It truly makes a big difference.

Lavatube (Power VV)

About the same time I was reading in the Aussie Vapers forum about a new device from China that offered variable voltage (VV) from 3 volts all the way to 6 volts and was actually quite inexpensive compared to other devices that had similar options.  After giving it serious thought I joined several others in pre-ordering the device. It arrived on the 23rd of December, a little over 2 weeks since I’d quit smoking. Wow!  It completely changed things for me.  I could set the voltage as high or low as I wanted, it brought out the taste of most of my E-liquid and gave that throat hit satisfaction that makes all the difference in the world.  The only problem with it is that it’s really quite large and not terribly pretty to look at. It’s not the kind of thing I can just toss in my purse – it’s more an at home thing. While I had my cold I found I could set it lower so that it didn’t hurt my throat or give me a coughing fit. Once I was feeling better, I set it higher – to around the 5v mark and quite enjoyed the difference.

Smoktech WOW

So about a week ago after seeing good reviews on another new device that is regulated to 5v, I decided to try it. It was a good price and came with quite a bit of extras. It’s also closer in size to the Ego’s and will fit in my purse or pocket easily.  It only does 5v. But that is just about perfect for me. After a couple of days of using it and the other VV device I put away my old Ego batteries. They just give me a really fuzzy flavour with so much less throat hit or vapour.  I’m keeping them as if something happens to my newer devices these will be available as spares – as in the ‘something is better than nothing’ category.

I quite like the new 5v device and use it most of the time.  I do like having two devices going at once though – one with my tobacco flavour in it – what I reach for when I get a craving, and one with whatever flavour of the day/moment I’m vaping on.  I like having the choice and being able to have a variety. (You can’t do that with cigarettes unless you buy two different brands!).

The other night the unthinkable happened.  Rod wanted to taste what I was vaping and I handed him my Ecig to give it a go.  His immediate reaction was ‘Wow! That flavour has a lot of throat hit!’ .  I explained that it wasn’t so much the flavour as the device and proved it to him by taking off the cartomiser with juice in it and letting him try it on his Ego. The thing with actually experiencing good flavour and throat hit is you want it. So being the soft-hearted person I am, I ended up letting him have my VV device while I kept the 5v one.  After being lost for the evening without having two different devices to use – and having to change cartomisers on the one thing to change flavours I went shopping for another one for myself. Unfortunately the 5v only device was out of stock so after looking at various other choices on the Internet, I went with another of the larger VV ones like I gave Rod.  For the price and what it does I’m quite willing to have another one. It will arrive Monday and I’ll be very happy to see it!

Up till now I haven’t mentioned what the device names are because I didn’t want this to be a review of them. But if you’re interested the variable voltage (VV) device is the Lavatube or ‘VV Power’ while the 5v is the Smoktech WOW.  Both are available from the same vendor here in Australia, GGecigs.  I received good service from them with both (and now 3) purchases. I should note that the WOW has a button issue but less so if I remove the Ego thread cover cap.  The Ego (like) VV I bought from Health Cabin.  For the price, it’s OK but only to try out a slightly higher voltage or to have an additional Ego battery.  It is NOT made by Joyetech however, but is a knock off.

So this has been part of my journey thus far but there’s still a lot more to share which I hope to do in the near future.

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