Blowing off some steam

I’m going to become a vaper. In the last few days I’ve researched using electronic cigarettes (e-cigs, personal vaporisers, etc) and have decided to take the plunge. I’m going to try it without nicotine and see how I go. If I find that I still need nicotine apparently I can order it from o’seas. I thought it was illegal to import, but apparently it’s only illegal to import it if you’re going to sell or distribute it, not if it’s for personal use. But, as I said, I’ll give it a go first without nicotine as that would be better long haul than adding an addictive element to it. I’m looking forward to being able to use it inside, and in particular when I’m writing.

I started smoking again last March or April and am just so fed up with being ‘chained’ to it again – the expense, the mess, and the whole health thing.

I don’t think I’ll be saving much money to start with as I’ll need to buy supplies and then there’s experimenting to find what works for me, but as long as I don’t hate it (which I doubt will be the case), the savings will come into play in the longer run.

I’ve found an online forum, AussieVapers, and after a bit of reading have been fascinated by the whole sub-culture of people who help each other out with suggestions and advice and how the local Aussie vendors also are very good about participating and being a part of the community. There are also just tons of videos online with reviews of products and tutorials. Another thing I found was the vast amount of different ‘flavours’ there are out there. What makes an E-smoke work is an atomiser that heats up the liquid ‘juice’ that’s put in cartridges or tanks (which are basically just the liquid by itself as it doesn’t need any wicking material). I opted for the tank kind as I reckon that will be easier for me to fill. As to the flavours, it’s not just tobacco or menthol flavours. There’s fruit, chocolate, desserts, coffee, alcohol (cognac, whiskey etc). I suppose once a person has given up actual cigarette smoking there’s no point in having it taste like one… It may as well be something more pleasant. Mmm, mint chocolate chip? It’s taken me a bit to get my head around that but that’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

Yes, I realise I’ll be just ‘blowing smoke’ (albeit vapour) but if that gives me an edge in getting off the cigarettes (which are called ‘analogs’ in the vaper culture), that’s a good thing. I can sit in my office and puff away without the smell, and all the health issues that go with smoking. I ordered my first kit which should arrive on Tuesday (Monday’s a holiday). It’s very likely I’ll be ordering another kit that will also work with the first one) in the same week. Apparently the other model will let me use my USB port to sit at my computer and use the e-cig without using up its battery. Plus it will give me spares which from research I understand is something you’d want for being out away from home.

Looking forward to blowing off some steam… In a good way!

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