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Tuesday I saw this exercise physiology guy as part of my diabetes care plan. I think I get ilke four visits with him. I had no idea what to expect but knew he did exercise (obviously), physio, and also nuitrition. So we’ve decided to work on flexibility first for me and then move on to weight loss. His big goal of course is to assist with making my diabetes better by lowering my (already pretty good) glucose levels and getting more movement back into my life. He’s big on interval training which is where you do something at a regular slow, easy pace and then kick ass for 30 seconds, and repeat several times. He wants me to use my elliptical bike for this since it pretty much gets all of my body a work out rather than just one aspect. The elliptical bike has two bars that move back and forth so the arms get a work out too. Going flat out on it for 30 seconds seemed like a reasonable thing. Funny how 30 seconds can seem like forever though! He also gave me some quite different (to me) stretching exercises and one of them is already a favourite with me as it really helped with the lyphoedema in my right side in back. That area gets really stiff and full of fluid and then is difficult and painful. The stretching exercise really really helped that a lot.


So I plan to do the stretching exercises twice a day – he didn’t tell me to do that, but it seems like it makes sense to me. In the morning to un-stiff myself and in the evening after tea for the same reason. I’ll be doing the intervals in the mornings after doing the stretching exercises. My reasoning is that even though it’s awful to do, Once done and recovered I feel like a million bucks and have better concentration. No point in having that at night after tea when I really actually need that in the morning / afternoon. So that’s the plan at the moment. I see him again in a month.


This morning I have an appointment with the gastroenterolist and get the results of my iron blood test I had last week. I know it’s back to sub-normal so I think he may suggest another iron transfusion and possibly having them on a regular basis. We’ll see what happens.

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