Highlights for 22 April – 28 April 2019

This was a weird week because Monday was a public holiday – Easter Monday – and Thursday was also a public holiday – Anzac Day. So Tuesday and Wednesday I had more tradespeople here working on the outside plumbing pipes. Tuesday the hole by my laundry room where they replaced the pipes was filled in, and then Wednesday started with a crew of people working on moving the main outside unit for my heater/air conditioner because it was directly above where they needed to dig up and replace the pipes for my bathroom. After they left, it was down to a crew of a couple of younger men that could have benefitted from some supervision. I have no problems with the plumbing work they did. However, digging up the area and doing the actual pipe replacement took so long they ended up working in the dark and didn’t finish until 9pm on a night before a public holiday. The two huge piles of dirt and hole (at least 4ft deep) were left for Friday. These kids took an hour lunch break, an hour ‘parts run’ and every time I walked past one of the windows near the work area they were busy chatting away and not working. I hope they learned something from the experience of being here in the dark until 9pm. 

My side yard on Anzac Day
After the hole was un-dug
After the hole was un-dug

Friday one young fella showed up around 8am and was gone before 10am. He was here to fill in the hole and tidy up from the work done Wednesday. When I had a look, I was dumbfounded by how clean and neat it all was. That young man gets my deep appreciation of his work ethic. Very impressive! 

Next week, the remaining pipes will be first blasted clear and then resealed with a material that will prevent the tree roots from getting in. Once that’s finished, a new ducted heating & cooling system will be put in. This will involve each room with a vent getting a new style vent – not looking forward to that! I was really hoping for something modern that would let me use my phone to control the temperature in each room, but no. At least I’ll be able to do that from a wall display though and each room will be its own zone – a luxury this house has never had before. 

I also have a company giving me a quote for roof restoration on Monday. That restoration won’t be happening until everything else is done, but I think it’s important. Aside from the obvious (fixing broken tiles, making sure it’s well sealed, it also includes a couple ‘anti-heat’ coats. I live in Australia. Having the house as heat-proof as possible is important. 

Blustery Evening at Christies Beach on Anzac Day

So what about YOU, I hear you asking me. Well aside from getting a bit emotional at times over making huge decisions I’d prefer to make with my late husband, and a whole lot of talking myself through not liking heaps of extra people around the place, I’ve found solace in trying to get some work done at my computer and working out in the gym. I got 5 days of exercise in this week – one of which was taking a VERY brisk walk by the beach on Anzac day as it was cold and windy. I felt SO much stress drop from me once I finished though – it was worth every moment of the cold breeze just for that! 

Moonshine on top of my wine cooler on my upright freezer
Moonshine on top of my wine cooler on my upright freezer

When I noticed her up there I nearly fell over in shock. My other cats aren’t climbers. This one is. Lord help me! 

Anyway, if there’s a take away for this whole week, I’m working on the foundation (plumbing) and roof of my house because like the human body sometimes you HAVE to stop and repair what needs fixing before you can move on to the next phase or if you want to continue living comfortably. I plan to live here for the rest of my life (a bit like my body) so I’d darn well take care of it and deal with what needs fixing NOW before things get any worse. 

So that’s this week’s highlights and events. Hope you have a great week! 


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