Highlights for 14 April – 22 April 2019

My husband's bike, on its way to a new life.

I’ve had an interesting week…

Sunday, April 14, 2019

This past week had some super wonderful highs, some majors lows and lots of in-between. 

As had been planned, one of my husband’s close friends who works with motorcycles and has a bike trailer came and picked up my husband’s 1984 Suzuki GR650 from where it’s been languishing for the last year, and took it down to another friend whom Rod had bequeathed it to. I wasn’t at all prepared for the emotions I’d experience seeing it go. I thought I’d been looking forward to not having to work around it in our partial garage. I didn’t realise it’d hold so much sentimental value suddenly. And it did. Rod bought the bike when it was new and it’s the only bike he’s had since then. It was his pride and joy, as one mate told me. Rod had been anxious for it to be moved, but I don’t think he would have been prepared to actually see it be taken away. We had a lot of great memories and rides on that bike. I haven’t been on it in years (not since being diagnosed with osteoporosis) and his use had also dwindled, but all those good rides and good memories… it was hard. 

Next was a surprise for me and I’m quite happy about it – I’ll be able to attend my 40th class reunion in Michigan this ‘summer’ (over there). I’d been really hoping to be able to do this. So many of us from my class are on Facebook and I’ve come to know them as adults. I went to the same school district all my life so for many of these folks, it’s a long history! It’ll be great to meet in person again and really catch up. Plus… this means I get to MEET and HUG my two grandkids. They’re 9 and 11 years old, so you know how long I’ve been wanting to finally see them in person and BE the Granny that I am! We talk online, but it’ll be amazing to be with them finally. Plus I’ll be seeing my siblings, my two sons and daughter. I’m so excited! 

Friday night my phone rang around 10pm and no one ever calls me then. It was my sister and she usually asks online if it’s a good time to call. She hadn’t so I knew right away something was wrong. My stepmom had passed away. She was just weeks away from being 89 and had had a fall a few weeks ago and broke her hip. From reports from family, she was in a lot of pain and pretty miserable. I’m very sad she’s no longer with us, but a large part of me is comforted that she’s finally with my Dad (she has missed him dearly for the last 10yrs) and she’s no longer in pain. Some kids argue with their parents. I never did. But goodness, Vera and I had so many disagreements and didn’t see eye to eye on so many things when I was a teen. It was probably a typical relationship, probably more typical than what I had with my Mom or Dad, but wow was it tumultuous. We have long since made up and had a good relationship, but I still feel I was probably more than unfair to her in my teens. I’m just glad we got past that time and were able to have good times together. I have a good relationship with my ex-husband and in turn, my family always include him and his wife in family events. I feel so blessed for that. Anyway, my ex visited her not long after she broke her hip and I’m glad he was able to spend time with her. They always got along great (which makes me smile). 

And today, being Sunday, I putzed around the house and tried to put together a drying rack for clothes I’d bought, not realising it was “some assembly required”. It didn’t go well but never fear, I have friends who can help me get it assembled. I’ve packed up the parts and the bit I did get together into the backroom for sometime later in the week when I have someone around to help me with it. I’m only a little annoyed at myself. I lost a screw! I don’t lose things!! 

Once I got that contraption out of my site and had tidied up a bit, I took myself to the beach for my walk along the esplanade. The temperature was perfect, there was a light breeze, and thanks to my rowing machine work during the week I was able to walk further and longer with shorter breaks in between. It was 45 minutes of great views, the sea air and a gorgeous sunset. Can you just hear me with a large sigh of absolute contentment? I needed that. I’m really pleased about being able to walk further and for longer between break stops. I’m going to need that for my travel to the USA. 

I hope you’ve had a great week. Sometimes we have to have the down to really appreciate the ups. 
My husband's bike, on its way to a new life.
My husband's bike, on its way to a new life.
Today's beautiful sunset
My stepmom, Vera, with my grandson when he was a little guy.
My stepmom, Vera, with my grandson when he was a little guy. He's partially named after my father, and she just really loved that.

Lovely Moonshine…

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I had planned to wait to adopt until I was back from the states but the RSPCA had a sale because they’re so full right now. How could I not step in and help? 

When I got to the shelter and went to visit all the lovely inmates, this lovely girl reached out and wrapped me right around her cuddly paws. Honest, it was mutual love at first contact. So I’m now the proud Fur Momma to a beautiful kitty that seems to resemble how the moon and the stars dance together. She reached out to me and I was putty in her paws. So as the Fur Momma for 3 wonderful kitties, you can now call me a Crazy Cat Lady. And I’m quite OK with that. 

Meet my new ‘baby’ (she’s 2yrs old), Moonshine or moon-SOMETHING. I’m not committed to shine just yet, but I know she’s definitely NOT a ‘Connie’. LOL 

I was trying to take her photo while she checked out the room; (I need to keep her separate from my other two for 10 days – yeah, we’ll see how long that works for), when she came right up on the couch and settled in behind me. 

Lovely Moonshine
Lovely Moonshine

In other news, I had the plumbers in and they’ll be doing some work on my outside pipes first thing in the morning, and I’ve got the ball rolling for 2 reverse cycle air conditioners to be installed at opposite ends of my house (where I spend most of my time – my office and bedroom). Exciting stuff. 

And I’m blessed. My neighbour brought me over some homemade Anzac bikkies. Which I’ve not devoured all at once. I even offered some to the repair guys! 

Keep sparking and moving everyone! 

That’s one big clump of roots…

Friday, April 19, 2019

First, I’m still deciding on names for my new kitty, but so far Moonspark seems to be winning with me. And with a bit of Spark in her name, I’ll always be reminded to keep on Sparking – some feline motivation!

Now about the dirt and roots in the picture below. THAT was what has been blocking my drain from my laundry room all these years. It is FINALLY gone, and the pipes that allowed the roots in are replaced with ones that won’t let that happen again. Something I don’t think I’ve ever said before, but I can’t wait to do some laundry tomorrow. I want to see an entire full load drain without having suds and a whole lot of water come up the drain in my floor and flood the room. I’m so glad I made the HARD decision to just replace the pipes and be done with it. We’ve been pussyfooting around with various ways of getting the drain clear for years. Sometimes we’ve had some success, but never anything that lasted more than maybe a month or so. No more. It’s dealt with and I shouldn’t have any problems from now forward. Yay! 
This clump completely filled the pipe it was in.

This clump completely filled the pipe it was in.

My new pipes

My new pipes. It’s a small section but it took care of the laundry room section and a section that handles my kitchen sink drain. The original pipes were terracotta (I think) and allowed tree roots to get through way too easily. 

All the dirt will get filled in after the Holiday break – on Tuesday. But I’m delighted to be able to wash ANYTHING and not have a flooded floor. Hooray!! 

Back to it!

Monday, April 22, 2019

After last week bit of crazy with adopting a kitty (Moonshine) and having lots of repairs done to the house, I worked on just getting some normality back today even though it’s Easter Monday and a holiday here. I did the things I do on Mondays and that included getting back into the gym. I hadn’t done any strength training or rowing since last Tuesday and I was really feeling bad about that. I also went on a bit of a binge with after dinner snacking for the last half of last week. I was much better about it yesterday and so far today. Something that caught my eye from one of the Sparkpeople coaching links a few days ago stayed in my head and made me feel less awful about really falling off the wagon. It went something like: ‘when you fall down, and you will, you’ll overeat, you’ll skip the gym… don’t tear yourself down about it. Get up, dust yourself off and get right back to doing the right thing for yourself. You’ll feel so much better when you do.’ 

And I do feel better now. 

I had an Email exchange with one of my siblings today and mentioned I was doing okay. He said ‘So does that mean you could be doing better?’. Somehow I don’t think he got the memo about the grieving process. While not every day has been rough, it’s not going to be over the top amazing for a long time to come probably. Big and little things still bring the tears. For many of the 24 years I’ve lived here in Australia, I just couldn’t cry. Even when I had breast cancer and other reasons to shed tears, they didn’t come. And now I’ve had to accept that I cry, just about every day, but generally, it’s something that comes and it passes. My job is to just accept that this is part of who I am right now. I also laugh and smile on those same days. I’m quite alright with being just OK. 

So tomorrow will bring still more repair people around. The area where the new pipes were put in needs to be filled in with dirt and tidied up, and I have some other work that may or may not start tomorrow. So unlike the last few nights, tonight I must get to be early. Those tradespeople start work way earlier than I usually get up. Eek. 

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. Mine was nice but mostly quiet. Aside from my cats still adapting to having another of their kind in the house and not being overly enthused about it. Kitty Siblings! 
Moonshine has a snuggle
Moonshine has a snuggle on Easter morning.

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