Highlights for the Week of 31 March – 7th April 2019

Clouds, distant rain and yet sunshine too!

Sunday Beach Highlight

Sunday, March 31, 2019

I had a lovely walk by the beach this evening, and I’m not sure what magic made it happen, but when I got to the 10 minute mark where I’ve been turning around the last few weeks, I found I’d only stopped to take photos and not because my hips were complaining. So I gave myself another 5 minutes before turning around to start back. All up, it was a lovely half hour. 

One of the things I took pictures of was a small kite stuck up high in a tree. After taking several photos that weren’t all that great, a cloud moved into place and the kite lifted itself above the tree, making a really ordinary thing something special, and I got the shot! I feel like that kite sometimes. I’m sorta stuck in a tree, but still flying as high as I can go when I can! 

Hope you enjoy these photos – I really enjoyed tonight’s walk. 
Stuck kite flying high
Stuck kite flying high
Clouds, distant rain and yet sunshine too!
Clouds, distant rain and yet sunshine too!

Bunches of Milestones today

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Today marks 500 days in a row of meeting my step goal. 

I made it to 2015 meters on the rowing machine! When I first read that as a daily goal on the SparkTeam page for Indoor / Outdoor Rowers I really thought that was quite impossible. Turns out I managed to get there in 18 minutes! 

I have muscles showing up in my arms and legs! 

And… I burned my dinner tonight. Parts of it have been salvaged for my lunch tomorrow but most of it went out for the birds. Oops. It’s the first I’ve done that in about 5yrs I think. 

I hope you all had a great day. Tomorrow I’m taking some old towels and sheets to the animal shelter. I’m hoping maybe I can visit with a few of the inmates while I’m there. It’s also going to be a rest day for me.

Busy day at home

Sunday, April 07, 2019

I’ve been out running errands or keeping appointments every day this week. That’s pretty unusual for me, and I was feeling a bit worn thin (and not in a good thin way) so I decided today I’d tackle things that were bugging me here at home that I haven’t had time or energy to deal with. All the laundry got folded and put away. I found my kitchen and made my lunch for the next week (well the boiled egg part of it), and I finally did a few things that I really enjoy doing but hadn’t had time – like uploading the last few weeks worth of photos to Instagram. 

Earlier in the week, I got a bit grumpy about recording meals (which I’ve done faithfully for ages now) and updating the data from that to my diabetes glucose app. I decided to take a break. Not a long break, but just through the end of this week. It’s helped stop me from feeling like I’m a hamster in a wheel chasing after the same thing day after day. I still measured my food as I cooked, still made healthy meals, but left the recording of said meals off the list of things I absolutely had to do. I know the importance of keeping track of these things, but I also know the importance of taking a step back and rethinking things a bit. I’ll be back on the job tomorrow. This week I had to pay attention to my mental health and not be wrapped up in doing EVERYTHING. I needed a break but didn’t want for it to become a big long term break. Just a stop, take a few deep breaths and get back to running again. (Not that I can run with my health issues, but it’s a nice thought!) 

Here’s to a better next week! 

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