Another Weekend Catchup

I feel like I’ve been running behind for the whole week, but am finally catching up a bit today, even though I went for a two hour drive and went all the way into the city and back. Yes, I had a driving session today. Wish we’d done some parallel parking though because then I’d probably be done alreday. Anyway, we’ll do that next week. He threw lots of stuff at me (no, not literally) and I did great. 🙂

Yesterday Rod and I spent over an hour practising my parallel parking. I’ve got pretty adept at it again. Yay. I really AM almost done with my Ls and ready to move on to my P plates. Can’t happen soon enough really. I don’t want to be taking the buses this time of year because there’s too many nasty bugs out there and my immune system just aint what she used to be, that’s for sure.

Grandbaby #2 is in the ‘works’. I was going to say in the making but, well, that’s already happened, obviously. Yes, Terry and Jenny are expecting again. I’m hoping for a grand daughter to spoil. 🙂

They’re both OK and the truck/ute only had minimal damage to the lights, but … my two boys hit a deer last weekend. Sadly, the deer survived and ran off. The kids could have really used the venison, for sure. But, I’d rather that than have there be more damage and either of the boys hurt.

I skipped aqua aerobics on Tuesday due to intermittent back spasms that were kind of scary. They finally went away so obviously nothing to worry about. Didn’t go to class on Thursday because I was so behind from being out the day before.

Wednesday Rod had to give a lecture to his Training and Assessment class, and after proof-reading his material, I really wanted to see the lecture, and I was allowed to. Verdict? Oh not bad. I should have had him run through it with me first though to work on the length and some of the stuff he knew too well so he was over everyone’s head on it. Including me! 🙂 He did OK though. It’s obviously something he does really well.

Wednesday afternoon/evening I had an appt with the GP which went well. Next month there’s a new MONTHLY medication coming out on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) for osteoporosis that I’ll be going on. You take the pill once a month, and calcium w/ vitamin D the rest of the month. Love that idea. One of the reasons for my visit was to get updated prescriptions, so when I left there, my next stop was the chemists to get them filled. To my relief and joy, we finally reached the ‘Safety Net’, which means we’ve spent over $300 (I think it is) this year on prescriptions, so the rest of the year our prescriptions are free. The usual cost for any meds on the PBS this year is $5.30, which isn’t much but I have several medications I’m on so it really adds up. Not having to fork out almost $30 every couple of weeks for prescriptions is going to be a real blessing.

So instead of keeping the $30 I saved because of hitting the safety net, I spent it on a new lancing device to pick my fingers with when testing my blood sugars. I’d just read a blog post about the Multiclix that mentioned one of the key things that had always stopped me from buying one. Like many diabetics, I don’t change the lancet every time I test my blood, mainly because lancets don’t go bad that quickly, and why throw money away? The Multiclix uses a drum to hold the lancets so your fingers never accidentally come into contact with the sharp end. Because it wasn’t mentioned in the sales material or on the box, I’d always assumed that it auto rotated to use the next lancet after each use. Not so. Turns out you decide when to switch to the next lancet in the drum. I’ve heard that this lancer is much gentler on the fingers as well, which was the other main reason for wanting to try it. I’m so glad I went ahead and ‘treated’ myself to something that pokes a hole and makes me bleed. (LOL). It really is gentler. I’ve added a ‘task’ to my to-do list to change the lancet once a week. At that rate, one drum will last me 6 weeks. It’s about $6 for 2 drums of 6 each so this is certainly not going to break the bank. And if it lets my fingers have a bit less pain, that’s a pretty nice bonus!!

Thursday I spent the day working on getting a feature of a website going so that I could give a review on how to update this site and have the added bonus of it having a lovely editor available to use to make it easier to work with. It took me a bit, but by gosh, I got it, and I’ll be adding it to other websites soon. Including my own! 🙂

Friday we went to help a friend get his wireless Internet set up. Turns out the modem Telstra sold him had a bug in it and no wonder he had a problem. The next day we went back with a firmware update for the modem so he’s now all set. As usual, anything with hardware and Windows never takes ‘just a few minutes’ and we ended up there for most of the afternoon.

On Friday, my youngest son (also known as my middle child) left the ‘safety’ of family in Saginaw and is now in the outskirts of Houston Texas. Wow, it still blows my mind. Not only is my ‘baby’ grown up, he’s moved away from family and most friends. He’s moved with his pastor and those who were living in the same household in Saginaw so at least he’s with people who know him well and he’s not alone. Still it’s a huge thing. He and his sister were born exactly a year apart, sharing the same birthday… this will be one of the first for either of them spent without being there with each other. It’s also reassuring that he and his sister and other brother have a good relationship with each other. I remember getting emails full of animosity towards any of the three from any one of the three. Sure don’t see any of that these days. Thank goodness!

Sometime during the week I downloaded and tried ‘Seesmic Desktop‘, which is a great piece of software for keeping up with Twitter and Facebook. I’d been using Tweetdeck, which is great, but it had a tendency to use up a LOT of CPU and have long pauses while I was typing. Very annoying. The nice thing about Seesmic and Tweetdeck is both use Adobe Air, so they can be used by Linux, Mac, or Windows computers, so that’s pretty awesome.

I’ve still been doing a weigh in every Sunday morning even though the Biggest Loser D-Style has ended. This week hasn’t been that great for me – I had those back spasm earlier in the week and have just not been feeling all that great so my walking and exercise has taken a back seat. So imagine my surprise and utter pleasure this morning when I got on the scales and they said ‘87.5’. I have been waiting AGES to see my weight dip below the 88 mark. It always seems to get to 88, then fluctuate from there to 92 and back. Ugh. Today, 87.5. A number I have not seen in the last 8yrs, I swear. I broke the barrier! Yahoo! Oh, did I mention that’s in kilos? No? Well yeah, and that’s not so great at all, but at least it’s coming down.

I don’t think the scales are lying to me either. When I did my waist circumference measurement today, it was 119cm. That’s 5cm down from the highest I’ve had since I started taking measurements (124). My pants and sweats agree. I’m forever having to pull up my sweat pants (we call them track pants here) and I’ve had to start wearing a newer pair of jeans because they fit so much better than my old standby’s, which are looking pretty awful on me because of all the extra material. So help me, I’m finally doing something right. Thank goodness.

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