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Found out a friend of mine very likely has lung cancer, metastasised from her original breast cancer. This breaks my heart. I just can’t put into words how I feel.

Had lunch with the Lunch Group yesterday at Middleton Tavern and did all the driving for the day (about 2 and a half hours worth).

Learning to cope with Sjogren’s by using lubricants 3 or 4 times a day. Hand cream, Eye drops, Nose rinse, mouth lubricant (did you even know there was such a thing? It’s called Biotene Gel), etc. Staying on top of things before letting any area get dry seems to help.

Rod and I both took unintentional naps today. We drifted to sleep watching TV after we had our breakfast.

Tomorrow is a public holiday – Queens Birthday – which made today’s lack of doing anything useful tolerable – after all it’s a holiday weekend. What better time is there to slack off and relax a bit?

I’m still heart broken over my friend. She’s been through hell. Her arsehole ex-husband left her after she recovered from breast cancer treatment with the excuse ‘I just couldn’t handle it if she gets cancer again.’ Now she’s alone, and going through more bullcrap. Sigh. I bet he STILL can’t handle it and by god, I hope when he finds out, the guilt hits him where he feels it most. Selfish sonofa… Oh, I’ll leave it there. I could write heaps about this though. Burns me up.

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16Oct20  I interrupt my normal stream of photos a week or so late to share this … which was delivered while I was getting my hair cut.  Yes, the wine came WITH the flowers!  Thanks so much to my lovely family in the states. ❤️ #earlybirthdaysuprise #wine #flowers #2020pad
03Oct20  Well this was quite the twist.  I arrived for our monthly Lunch Group get together and was the first one there. That NEVER happens. Erik & Anne are always there before me no matter how hard I try to be there on time or a little early.  They were very late because the Access Taxi they needed didn’t arrive on time (nearly 2hrs late). I’d also forgot that a few people were on holiday so we could have had a much smaller table anyway.  Oh well, we had a nice lunch and catch up eventually!  #cf20#2020pad #latergram #lunchgroup #twist #feelingalone #waiting #latetaxis
15Oct20  Having lunch with Anne who was helping me on a special day. It was the 20th wedding anniversary for me and Rod.  We made it to 18yrs.  This day was harder for me than Rod’s birthday, but having a good friend to be with helped immensely.  #lunch #lunchwithafriend #harddays #widowslife #20thanniversary #goodfriends
10Oct20  @kirky1991 happily volunteered to give me something to do on Rod’s Birthday. She took me to one of her favourite breakfast places in Glenelg.  Isn’t she just gorgeous!  #2020pad #latergram #friendshelpingfriends #breakfastinglenelg #brekkiewithfriends
15Sep20 Noble takes time to smell the Wisteria.  I’m very grateful some of the wisteria has come back, and especially in this specific location on the fence. It and it’s twisting vines will provide support for the fence right where it is needed the most.  I suspect Rod and my neighbour’s late husband Jim have worked this little miracle so the fence won’t need to be replaced for another few years. #2020pad #fence #wisteria #lookingoutforus #lovefindsaway #catsofinstagram #cf20 #gnarled
15Sep20 Not only is this tree / bush gnarled but it also has wisteria vines hopelessly twisted all through it.  However. It and the wisteria vines are probably what’s helping to hold up the fence so, blessing in a weird disguise.  #cf20 #gnarled

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