Heh, out grew the fence

Noble, my kitty for the last six months, is one big kitty. It’s amazing how much he’s grown over the last several months. He’s now 5 kilos of 100% cat. And it’s going to be one very COLD winter because his winter coat is amazing. Well, tonight he got distracted chasing a cat off the carport roof and ended up on the other side of the fence. The same fence I’m sure he came under when he first showed up at my patio door. Lucky for him (and very lucky for me) my neighbours on that side are lovely people and they let me come through their side gate to come get him. He was so pitiful looking, trying to figure out how to fit in the space under the fence that he is way way too big for now. So I gathered him up, thanking my stars to have grown up in a cat family so I know how to hold him without getting scratched, had a chat with the neighbours, then carried him home.

He’s had a range of ’emotions’ since his big scare. He seemed embarrassed and aloof, then needy and now he’s settled down for a well deserved nap. I just hope if he’s going to wander on that side of the fence that he learn to jump it, but it’s a tall fence and they don’t have anything on their side for a cat to use to get half way to the top (wise on their part, I reckon). I think we’ll have to do similar, except we have a water tank that of course can’t be moved.

Today I did a total of 65 minutes on the treadmill. I didn’t do it all at once though. I broke it up into morning, after lunch and after tea. The extra 5 minutes were because I was trying to get the total kilometres to a full 3, since I was so close after the hour. I managed to do about 15 seconds with a speed of 5.1 k/hr — my regular speed is between 3 and 3.5. I try to do 30 second bursts at both 4.0 and 4.5, and then push for 15 seconds a bit faster. Just to push that little bit extra of myself.

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