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I had a follow up appt today with the plastic surgeon who did my breast reconstruction. All’s well, and if I feel the need, he can reduce the ‘good’ breast so it matches on both sides. Meh, I’m not particularly fussed. They’re close enough for me and I’m just happy I can go to a public pool and not be too self conscious while changing. He let me know that I have the right at anytime to change my mind and have further work done if I want it. That’s nice to know, but I am so over surgeries and the like. I’m happy the way I am.

Rod’s panting at the moment, all red in the face from mowing part of the back yard. Glad he started on it, hope he can finish without it killing him, and hope he doesn’t get grass on the clean laundry hanging on the line.

On the way home from my appt, we stopped at the little Asian grocery and picked up a few staples to get us by till we go to the Central Market next. Am going to make satay chicken & prawns tonight. Picked up the best satay stuff there. It comes in a little box. You break off bits of it and mix with water. It’s the only stuff I’ve used that tastes like what you get in good restaurants. Looking forward to it!

Anyway, must go get Rod some water.

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