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I’ve had an issue with the plug-in I’d been using for recipes so I’m switching over to use a different one and manually adding the recipes from the old to the new. Hopefully it should all go smoothly but in case you see something out of place, please let me know.

In other news, I had the colonoscopy but there weren’t any polyps to blame for my anemia. I see the doctor for this in a few weeks and we’ll see where to go from here. Meanwhile, now that I can go back on the iron, I’ve had a couple ‘normal’ days for a change where I’ve been active and quite busy without being exhausted. I hope this lasts. I’m due for some normality!

Anyway, must get to moving my recipes.  Cheers!


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Instagram post 2119429196886654407_507303 08Aug19  Random stuff I bought on our shopping trip.  TP-Link lightbulb so I can turn out my bedroom light no matter where I go on my journey, tissues because I have allergies, a “Firestick remote” so I can have Amazon video stuff on my big TV in the gym when I get home, and another TSA bag because mine got lost somewhere in the plane from Sydney or at the airport in Houston.  Check out the pillow in the back.  Love both the smiley and the Kick Butt one!  #bigdrink #pillows #coolstuff #allergies
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Instagram post 2119425208447498885_507303 08Aug19 We were shopping in the local HEB store that was totally flooded during hurricane Harvey 2017.  The line above my head shows the water line.  The store had to be completely gutted inside and replaced. #huricaneharvey #heb #texas
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Instagram post 2102334779323558670_507303 03Aug19  I’m sure the Cole’s delivery driver and the packer thought this order must be for a crazy cat woman… I have a good reason though.  And I even found a safe place to store all the cat food too.  #2019pad #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #stockingup
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Instagram post 2119433114970653399_507303 08Aug19  Meet Tesla.  This little girl turned up as a tiny itty bitty thing where my daughter in law works. She brought it home for the weekend intending to take it to a shelter on the following Monday but … that didn’t happen.  She’s my youngest furgrandbaby.  Kittens are so much fun!  #catsofinstagram #kitten #teslakitten
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Instagram post 2119440541958828495_507303 12Aug19 @cmoe_baggins awesome fridge magnets - including  a few I brought with me.  #fridgemagnets #photos
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Instagram post 2119434032021586375_507303 09Aug19  Awwww.  Tesla the kitten and Kelsie enjoy some quiet time together.  #catsofinstagram #kitten #teslakitten #daughterinlaw
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