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I ended up being a bit late for the research study appointment, but fortunately I called ahead and then someone else turned up half an hour early so it worked very smoothly for everyone.

The full laser body scan was weird. You stand in this box that’s about the size of a phone booth (heh, remember those??) and a scanner goes from the top to the bottom. Sort of like being checked out at the supermarket.

One of the photos they did was a view of my chest from the angle that I see them. That’s one of the major parts of the study. Apparently no one has ever thought to do photos of reconstruction this way before and they want to see if the woman’s perspective makes a difference in how they score their surveys. Interesting.

And there was an unexpected bonus of $15 for participating. I know some research studies do have funds to give, but most I’ve ever had was a few dollars for parking. So this was great.

On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store and bought a pork roast for tea with the bonus money. We haven’t had a roast in ages because they’re so dang expensive. The one I found was a little over a kilo and cost $11.50.

Since the roast was small, I used my convection oven to cook it – took about an hour and I even managed to get it crackle right. Since I’d read you can add potatoes and veggies I made up little foil packets to put around the roast. I did mushrooms in one packet, onions and carrots in another, cauliflower & broccoli, and then a couple of potatoes in their own foil. I added just a dab of margarine to each of the packets before folding them up and just put them around the roast. Dinner was a ‘proper’ meal for a change, and clean up was so easy – just put the round oven bowl in the sink and wash. No extra pans for the veggies and everything tasted delicious.

The best part of my day was watching videos of my grandson Ricky that my daughter-in-law put online today. Just try to watch this little guy strut in his Dino costume with his swishing tail without giggling.  🙂

Trick or Treating video




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