I’ll have to iron this out the best I can

I wrote this on 7 October 2017 to post on my blog at sparkpeople.com.

About the 3rd week in August I woke up feeling dreadful. My tremors were the worst they’ve ever been, I had a migraine headache and was very tired. The first couple days I dragged myself around the house getting my 6k steps in 500 steps at a time as was my usual, but by the 3rd day, I just couldn’t. I managed to get 2k steps for a couple of days then fizzled out and did all of 659 steps on the 25th. I’m not sure when I went to see my GP, but she sent me for blood work that came back that my hemoglobin was low and my Ferritin score was rock bottom. I’ve been low on iron in the past, and know my body doesn’t absorb iron, so taking supplements will only cause other problems. I was able to get in touch with my usual gastrointestinal doctor that handles this problem, but he’s on leave until the 30th of October. The receptionist was able to get me scheduled for that day, so that’s good. I’ll probably need another iron transfusion, but probably not until he investigates why the change has occurred. Which means a colonoscopy, and other tests, and that means time waiting for appointments.

So meanwhile, I can do what I can, but need to rest when I run out of steam. And the hardest thing – not to push myself too hard and do more than I can handle.

For the last few weeks I’ve made my step goal 1600, and have gone past to 2k for two weeks now, so today I revised the goal to 2k. Today I also did two 500 step circuits around the house, about an hour apart without being totally worn out. That felt good – like a little bonus. It’s probably going to be a long time before I’m back to 6k steps a day, but I’ll get there eventually.

My next puzzle to figure out will be getting some mild strength training in, so my muscles and bones won’t completely disintegrate in the interim. This will likely need to be chair exercises, but I’ll research exercise for seniors to see what can be achieved.

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