Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s a different world for me this week. It’s not filled with smoke, ashes or burning tobacco. Instead it’s filled with vapour, lovely tastes, great smells and real relaxation without a smidgen of guilt.

I traded in smoking for vaping full time. FINALLY.  I feel much better thinking of it as graduating to full time vaping than to say I quit smoking. I’d much rather think I’ve started something rather than an end to smoking. It’s just a much more positive spin and it’s more fitting of how I feel.

I got really frustrated that I hadn’t yet made the transition to vaping 100% to the point where, for a few days, I quit trying to quit. I was just getting too frustrated with myself and needed to take a step back and re-group. I’m glad I did. It helped get me in a better mindset. Something else that really helped was starting a thread in the AussieVapers forum and asking people to tell what their vaping day was like. That was really informative. I’d been making the assumption for myself that I’d just continue to have my usual smoke breaks but vape instead with very little, if any, vaping in between.  Turns out the vast majority of people who responded told me they vape all day. And some also take vape breaks as well.  That was interesting and proved to be quite helpful in making the transition.  It was also brought up that the amount of nicotine I was vaping was still quite low and if I increased it, that might help with cravings for cigarettes.

Around the same time I was doing some other reasearch online and found a few discussions and videos on the ‘right’ way to inhale when using an E-cig. What I was doing was inhaling directly into my lungs (the same way I smoked). The better way to inhale vapour is to draw it into the mouth first and then into the lungs. This works much better for me I have less issues with asthma doing it this way.

So I taught myself to inhale differently and once I could handle the nicotine I made up more E-juice with slightly more nicotine and slowly, every other day kept increasing the nicotine amount until I was vaping 18mg successfully. This seems to be my level as I vaped more but smoked less cigarettes.

Last Saturday I knew my tobacco would run out sometime during the day or night and I made the decision not to buy any more. Also in my favour on the weekend is my particular brand (and genre) of rolling tobacco is menthol and only available at the smoke shop. I can’t just go into any grocery store or petrol station and get my tobacco. The smoke shop closes at 5pm on Saturdays and doesn’t open again until 11am Sunday.  I saw this as a real advantage for running out of tobacco – it’s not like I’d be able to run out and get more for awhile.

I finished my last smoke around 3:30 am and went to bed.  When I woke on Sunday I reached for my E-cig and starting vaping away even before making myself coffee.Each day I’ve still spent time out on the patio taking breaks but instead of smoking, vaping instead. And it’s been quite pleasant.  I haven’t had too many cravings at all and when I do have one, I’ve been able to quickly deal with it by having a vape instead.

When I think of all the awful nicotine lozenges I’ve gone through in the past when trying to quit smoking and how much easier and more pleasant this transition was, I’m blown away.

I should clarify.  It hasn’t been easy getting sorted out as far as my asthma goes but learning how to inhale correctly really made a huge improvement in that regard. Once all the conditions were right though, the actual change over to vaping full time wasn’t anything as horrific as other ways I’ve quit smoking. And I can still take breaks on my patio and pretty much follow the same routine as I always have with the exception that I’m using an E-cig instead. This is SO much better!

I have lots of other news about vaping but wanted to share this today. It’s been almost 4 full days now!  I’ve definitely graduated to full time vaping. 😀

Organising and Consolidating

I’ve spent the last week trying various blends of tobacco flavoured e-juice as well as having a go at organising and consolidating my ever growing collection of various flavoured juices.  I couldn’t resist creating a database of the flavours, types and amount of nicotine. (Yes, I’m a geeky lady!)  It’s actually proven to be very useful. Rather than digging through bottles of juice, I’m able to objectively look at the list in the database and see what I have and decide what to do with it.

There were several bottles of nicotine juice, all in different strengths, left over remnants from my initial trials in finding what nicotine strength works for me. Many of my first tests used menthol as the flavouring so there were a number of these too. I found a website that has just about every e-juice related calculator tool conceivable. One of it’s calculators proved really useful to me in consolidating both my nicotine menthol mixes into larger batches of 18mg strength.

Once finished with that project I was then able to adjust the tobacco flavours that I’d mixed with too high nicotine down to a level that my body can deal with by adding a bit of menthol. The combining calculator proved really useful for this as well.  So there are no more ‘orphan’ bottles of too strong e-juice that can’t be vaped in my kit and no more looking at these in frustration of previous mistakes.   The website with the calculators is at: http://www.ecigvape.com/ and I highly recommend it. Very useful tools.

In my last blog I wrote about trying a tobacco flavour named VK4. This is the only flavour I’ve totally finished. It has a fantastic carmel and vanilla taste to it without being overly sweet.  At the start of the week I was out of it and really missing it. It was truly something I could vape all day long. I was lamenting being out of it on Twitter when it was suggested to me I just buy more. The problem was Vape King was out of stock.  As this blend is based on a popular tobacco flavour named ‘RY4’ which has a rich history, I thought maybe I could find it by this name from an Aussie vendor. I was surprised to only find one vendor selling it, but this could be because they gave their blends other names as Vape King did with their VK4.  I ordered from VapeBar and had their RY4 a couple days later. I wasn’t as enamoured with it as I had been with the VK4, but it certainly helped me make it through the week.

Near the end of the week, Vape King let me know that their blend was back in stock and they also announced on AussieVapers that they had a new line available – concentrates for people who enjoy DIY mixing of flavours.  Awesome. I did use SOME self restraint and held off ordering until Sunday! I bought 30ml of the lovely yummy caramel VK4 doubler – that should hold me for awhile, I hope. From the list of concentrates I picked out apple, lemon, caramel and unflavoured tobacco.

The fruit flavours are because after vaping the tobacco flavours for awhile I’ve found I sometimes need a change of taste for a bit and the fruit flavours really seem quite nice then.  The caramel should be helpful for improving the other RY4 tobacco. It might also be interesting to make a blend of caramel and apple for a caramel apple flavour. Yum. And sugar free!  The unflavoured tobacco can be used for creating my own mixes. It’s more for future need rather than current stuff.

I also ordered a couple of ‘Fuss Free Mixers’. These come in 10ml bottles with 5ml of doubler flavour so all I have to do is add 5ml nic juice and it’s ready to go.  I opted for ‘Apple Pie’ and ‘NRG Drink’.  The NRG drink has guava and caffeine in it so that should be interesting to try.  It might be the perfect morning vape!

Speaking of morning vapes, I’m still working on the not actually smoking thing. I have had some really good days where I’ve had maybe 5 smokes all day.  I’ve also had days where I kinda lost count and didn’t do as well. @BlacksmithPro on Twitter reminded me, “You’re doing great, at your own pace and if and when you’re ready, you need not feel any pressure :)”    I really can’t tell you how helpful I found that.

In response to someone else who’s still smoking but new to vaping on the AussieVapers forum, Sik wrote “lots of people don’t switch straight away. I know of a few people who very gradually cut out the “key” smokes over a period of months till they actually preferred to vape. Theres no reason to feel guilty about it. Just take it at your own pace. One of the good things about vaping you can make the therapy fit you rather than you having to fit the therapy.”  Aren’t these folks – and the concepts they put across – absolutely wonderful?!  It’s so refreshing to feel that I’m striving for something at my own pace – and with this kind of support I know I’ll get there.

Rituals and Taste

I’m still finding my way when it comes to vaping and giving up the smokes. Sadly, I haven’t been the lucky type that could immediately give up on them and move right into vaping. First there was the nicotine issue. I’m able to handle a slightly stronger mix but have to be careful. There’s a very fine line between what I can handle and what I can’t. The moment that line gets crossed, I pretty much have to deal with asthma for the rest of the day. This makes it hard to find what works for me.

As an aside, what bugs me is that I’ve read a lot of people have less issues with asthma when they’ve switched to vaping. That may be true – I know when I have the mix of e-juice and nicotine just right I don’t have any problems at all and if I’m also not smoking on the day it’s even better. Meanwhile though, finding a good consistent, always right mix is still being worked out, which means the occasional bout of wheezing and using inhalers (how ironic is that?)

My E-Cigs - With NotesTaste and ritual have also come into play. One day last weekend while outside having a break (and yes, a cigarette), I pulled out some ejuice and experimented with all of my gear and through trial and error found that I really liked ‘dripping’ as it let me taste and try things without using too much and without really wasting anything. Dripping involves dropping two or three drops of liquid into the atomiser directly and then vaping that. There are ‘drip tips’ that you can buy so you’re not putting your lips directly on the atomiser, but I found the soft caps from my Boge cartomisers worked a treat for this and it makes my little 510 e-cigs look and feel more like a cigarette as it just covers the top of the atomiser. It’s amazing how far a few drops of liquid can go. Probably a little longer than it takes to smoke a cigarette. And there’s where ritual really helps. I’m used to sitting down, rolling a smoke, lighting it and then putting my rolling materials away. By using the drip method, it gives me a new ritual to associate with vaping – I sit down, take the cap off the atomiser, add a couple of drops of liquid into it, put the plastic cap back on and then vape away on it until the liquid runs out in about 10 minutes or so. You know when the liquid has gone away. The taste changes dramatically. This little ritual lets me know when my break is over and gives me a new thing to do beyond just sitting down and toking on the e-cig.

After finding that dripping really makes things a little better for me, the next discovery was comparing the ‘taste’ of my cigarette vs the menthol I was vaping. I decided I really needed the taste to have something in the background or to be a bit more like tobacco. When I received my first starter kit, I was sent a few samples of tobacco flavouring so I dug one out to give it a try. I found that menthol and PJ (a flavour similar to Peter Jackson brand cigarettes) flavours worked really well for me. The only problem was I only had a little bit of the PJ liquid and what I had was a ‘single’, meant for use when not using any additional nicotine liquid. It was enough to let me know I was on the right track, though.

I ordered a 5ml bottle of “VK4” tobacco doubler flavouring from Vape King on Sunday and had it in my hands by Tuesday. I mixed half of this into a 5ml bottle (being a doubler it makes a total of 10ml but I wanted to start small so I’d have a back up if something went wrong). The mix I made was 10mg nicotine, 40% VK4 and 10% menthol. Wow. Smooth as! VK4 is Vape King’s own formula on a popular tobacco flavour variant named RY4. This mix has caramel and vanilla in it. I can’t honestly taste the vanilla (maybe because my tastebuds are still shot from smoking) but the butter flavour in the caramel just makes me think I’m enjoying some really fancy desert. It’s not too sweet though – it’s just enough. And mixed with the 10% menthol it just gives it a bit of a higher note that (for me) is just right. This mix is the only one I’ve ever actually finished a 5ml bottle or 3ml tank. I had it in my 510 e-cig for vaping as well as in a 3ml tank on my Ego-T model which I guess would be the equivalent to having a spare pack of commercial cigarettes on hand for those times when rolling a smoke is inconvenient. Whenever leaving to go anywhere, I’ve just tossed the Ego into my purse and that way it’s available anytime, anywhere without any worrying about leaking (which is still an issue with my 510 but less so with dripping). The only problem with my mix is that it was a bit light in nicotine. I still need more nicotine to feel ‘satisfied’ and leave the cigarettes behind.

As I had half the bottle of concentrated VK4 left, yesterday I made a new batch using 16mg nicotine and no extra menthol. It was too strong. Cue the asthma attack central. This morning I added plain (not doubled) menthol to it – not enough to over power it, but just enough to give that added ‘light note’ and reduce the nicotine content slightly. So I’ve no idea of the actual nicotine amount in terms of milligrams, but the mix I have is perfect – it gives me a nice tasting menthol tobacco taste and probably the highest amount of nicotine my body can handle. It’s probably around 14-15mg. Ish. But it works. And this should give me a couple days of vaping.

Added several hours later: I’ve had to further cut this mix with more menthol as the cumulative effect of a vaping it over the course of an hour proved too much for me and the asthma was cued again.  I’ll just keep cutting it back till it works. Frustrating though, once again I thought I had it sorted. 

After finding that the VK4 tobacco flavour was delightful, I decided to make sure to have tobacco flavouring on hand. I didn’t really want to order any of the other tobacco flavours Vape King has on their site, aside from the VK4 of course. So I shopped around online and came back to probably the best e-juice site in Australia –JuiceWhore. I ordered her Tobacco sampler #2 which includes a flavour that I hear about in the AussieVapers forum all the time – it’s named Del’s Ultimate Pipe, and given the rave reviews of it hope it’ll be as nice as everyone tells me it is. The Sample pack has 5 different types of flavours, all 5ml doublers, so they each will mix up to 10mls, for a total of 50ml altogether. That should see me through for a while.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep working on strategies that will make my use of cigarettes something in my distant past. I do feel I’m making progress, even though it’s been slower than what I was expecting.

In other news, I’ve created a new Twitter account just for vaping friends and sharing my vaping experiences (not to mention asking dumb questions and getting quick answers!). You can find me as @Flittervape.

Things I learned while finding the right mix

Things I learned while sorting out what strength Nic Juice works for me…

If you’re going to mix flavours and nicotine, make sure you have plenty of small 5 ml bottles. Don’t mix anything larger than this no matter how tempting until you know you’re going to like the combination. Especially when trying to determine how much nicotine you can handle. You may find yourself with several 10 ml bottles of nic juice that’s too strong or too weak.

Buy more bottles than you think you’ll use. I need to find more as I’ve used all that I’ve ordered in my experimentations and now that I know what works, I’m ready to try a few different flavours but I’ll have to either use some makeshift containers or wait until I order some more bottles.

Unsuccessful Mixes

Start out with higher amounts of nicotine first. If it’s too strong you can always dilute it to lesser concentrations. You can’t easily do the opposite. I now have several bottles (yes, some are 10 ml) of flavoured nic juice that I’ll need to dilute down to my tolerable level.

If you find that the higher concentrations cause you issues, don’t keep vaping it hoping you’ll get used to it, especially if you have issues with asthma. Mix a lower concentration of nicotine and try again. I really made things worse for myself the first few days by trying to ‘get used to it’ while my body was busy telling me it wasn’t working.

Don’t assume you’ve found the right amount of nicotine to use by your first few vapes of a particular strength. Make sure you can get through a day with the same mix as you may find it unsuitable in certain conditions. I thought I’d found the right amount several times until I’d gone without a cigarette or vaping for a while and then took a deep inhale and it kicked off an asthma attack. I don’t have that issue with the 6 mg amount. If I have a big vape I only have a little bit of a slight twinge.

I should mention I don’t normally have asthma issues on a regular basis, but I’ve also had issues with asthma when using traditional nicotine replacement therapy such as gum or lozenges. Oddly I don’t have that issue with smoking cigarettes. Go figure.

Measurements are important. If you use syringes to measure the various components such as nicotine, PG and VG juice, make sure to get comfortable using them and check your ‘recipe’ against what you’ve measured. It’s easy to make mistakes. Slow down, check your measurements carefully – more than once. If in doubt ask someone else to check too. They may catch something you missed. Such as using 1.5 ml instead of the 2.5 it shows in the ‘recipe’. It’s all too easy when working with unfamiliar equipment like syringes and trying to see the individual measurement lines to not notice that you’re looking at the wrong section. Or is that just me? At any rate, I ordered a small mini-scale to help me get it right in the future.

Don’t use cartomisers to test your nicotine mixes. Save your cartomisers for once you’ve found the right mix. I made this make. More than once. I ended up having to steam the cartomisers so I could reuse them. This was an added job I could have avoided. I’ll write about using steam to clean out cartomisers in the future.

If you get frustrated, set it aside but do keep trying. Eventually you’ll find what works for you, and vaping, once you get the nicotine amount worked out, is much healthier than smoking. You may also find you prefer vaping without the nicotine, and that’s OK too. What works for you is what’s important.

These are a few of the lessons I learned in the last week while trying to find the perfect amount of nicotine to let me switch from smoking to vaping. You could read this as a list of things I learned the hard way… And you’d be right too!

Finding the Right Mix

A week ago I received my order of nicotine liquid and started on a journey of finding the right amount to use for vaping. I made the assumption that because I smoke a lot I should go with a higher amount of nicotine to vape. I started with 18 mg, and found the vape to be very harsh and almost painful in my chest. Every time I had a vape, I’d wind up coughing and wheezing. I asked about this in the forums and then tried 12 mg. Same story. And again with 10 mg. Finally instead of mixing bottles of nic juice I found it easier and more economical to use the tank cartridges of my Ego-T e-cigarette and simply add drops of nicotine to my preferred flavour mix.

The Ego-T cartridge holds 2 ml of liquid. I was able to use a nicotine calculator and work out how much nicotine was in 1, 2 and 3 drops along with my menthol flavouring to work out what level of nicotine I could actually handle. The answer turned out to be 2 drops of 100 mg nicotine into 2 ml of flavour gives me about 6 mg nicotine and that’s my tolerance level.

There are several online nicotine calculators but I used a free program for Windows. Luckily I have Windows as a virtual machine on my Linux box so no problems there. The software is called “eJuice Me Up” (http://www.ejuice.breaktru.com/). Once I got my head around what details I needed to fill in, it’s quite straight forward to use. If you’re looking for an online calculator, this one is often mentioned in some of the forums I read: http://www.todmuller.com/ejuice/ejuice.php

At 6 mg nicotine, I can inhale the vapour without any sudden asthma attacks and I’m able to use it over the course of a day without any issues. I’ve found that it satisfies my need for nicotine quite well. I was able to go about 5 hours last night and about the same length of time today without having a real cigarette. That’s a pretty good indication that when I finish this last bit of tobacco I have, I should be able to make the switch to vaping completely. My problem here at home is that I know my roll-my-own cigarette supplies are just out on the patio and it’s easy to give in to temptation. When I went without, it was because I left all my smoking supplies at home so I didn’t really have any easy temptation. I only had the e-cig, and it did a great job at managing my craving.

I’m still struggling to find the words I’m comfortable with – “e-cig” still doesn’t sound right. “PV” for Personal Vaporiser is ok, but not everyone is going to know what that is. So excuse me while I flounder for the right noun to give this little device that’s becoming a part of my life. Meanwhile, I’ll keep on learning and will share my adventures as I go.

Cartos and Drip Tips

The other day I wrote about my initial experiences with vaping and wrote about the fact I had so many problems with the 510-T e-cig leaking. I said I’d have to retire them from use entirely due to the problem.

I’ve done some further investigating and have found that instead of using the little tank cartridges I can use a cartomiser instead. This is a two-in-one thingy. The 510-T (and most e-cigs) has 3 parts to it – the battery which is the bottom section that also has the silly little red light that comes on when you take a puff, an atomiser, which is the part that heats up the liquid and makes the vapour, and the tank cartridge that holds the liquid. A cartomiser combines the cartridge and atomiser into one unit and apparently does a nicer job of making vapour as well as being less prone to leakage. While they’re disposable, you can also reuse them several times over, and they’re fairly cheap too – under $2 for each one. As well, the same cartomiser will fit on my Ego unit so that’s a bit of a double score. I’ve ordered a few of these and look forward to trying them out.

I also ordered something called a ‘drip tip’ which can either be used on its own above an atomiser or used above a carto (the shortened term for cartomiser). You drip about 3 drops of liquid into it which goes into the atomiser and this lets you have a more direct vape, as well as making it easy to try out various flavour liquid without having to use a great deal of it in a cartridge or carto. It too was under $2 and will be interesting to check out.

I’m so glad I don’t have to retire the little 510s. I really do think they’ll be nice for any vapes I have that are just for fun – such as the various dessert flavoured liquids and such.

I watched a few videos on YouTube to learn how cartos and drip tips are used. YouTube is excellent for learning about this stuff as you can see the exact steps to take and it’s sort of like having someone right with you to show you how things are done. I’ve watched more videos on YouTube since discovering vaping than I’ve ever watched in the last 5 years!

On another bright note, my other half has taken to carrying around his Ego in his pocket and has mentioned more than once how much he really likes it. Yay!

Listing my Thoughts – Smoking vs Vaping

Last Monday night, I decided to write a list of things I hate about smoking cigarettes and what I was looking forward to with E-cigs. My intention was to post it on my blog that night. However, I got sidetracked. I had an open tab in my web browser for the Aust Post tracking on the parcel I was expecting with the e-cig starter kit I’d ordered. I idly refreshed it expecting of course that it would show it in transit since Monday had been a public holiday. It didn’t. It had ‘Delivered’ in big bold letters. Huh? On a public holiday? I looked at the delivery time – 10am. What the?? So at 10pm I wandered out to the letterbox and sure enough there was my parcel. It’d been there ALL Day! So I’ve been happily testing things out and trying various flavours and generally having a great time. My favourite flavour is no surprise to me – it’s menthol, which is what I’ve been smoking all my life. So without any further introduction, I give you four lists. Things I won’t miss about cigarettes, a list of things I was looking forward to about vaping, a list of what I like about vaping now that I’ve had some experience, and a very short list of my dislikes. Enjoy!

Things I won’t miss about cigarettes …

  • Ash.
  • Ashtrays
  • Having to roll one before smoking it.
  • Having to roll a bunch if going out.
  • Having to roll one while out because I didn’t have a chance to roll a bunch before leaving home.
  • Tobacco. RYO tobacco is freaking messy. I’m a neat person generally. Don’t like the mess. Don’t like the feel of it.
  • Coughing my guts out.
  • Needing to have essentials like filters, paper, roller & lighter.
  • Smoking outside. (I don’t smoke in my house)
  • The smell.
  • The taste.
  • Feeling like an idiot for continuing to do something that’s harmful to me.
  • Stopping what I’m doing just to have a smoke.
  • That need to finish the smoke so it doesn’t either go out or burn up while I’m doing something else.
  • The fact they either go out or burn up.
  • The need to set them in an ashtray.
  • Burnt clothes. God I hate that.
  • Burnt fingers.
  • Yellow stains on my fingers. Disgusting. Embarrassing.
  • Getting warm gear on at 3am when I wake up in the middle of the night to go out and have a smoke.

Things I’m looking forward to with e-cigs…

  • Having a nice puff and exhale. Anytime. All the time.
  • Less mess.
  • No messy ashes.
  • No messy tobacco
  • Being able to be inside and having my puff while doing things like reading a book, watching TV, using the computer – writing especially.
  • Staying to watch the news with the hubby instead of going out for a smoke after tea.
  • A nicer smell.
  • Interesting and different tastes.
  • Trying new flavours
  • Having a ‘dessert’ vape after tea that’s zero calories.
  • Tucking it in my purse and just going.
  • The idea that maybe my other half will take it up and use his pipe less.
  • Being able to have a vape and set the e-cig down without worrying about forgetting it or having it disappear in a puff a smoke or burning anything. It’ll be right where I left it, ready to go.
  • Setting it down on a table. Don’t try that with a cigarette!
  • My lungs getting clean again.
  • Not rushing outside in the morning to have a smoke. Especially when it’s cold out!
  • Being able to smell and taste again.
  • Having a choice in what flavour I want for the day. Or the moment.

Now that I’ve tried E-Cigs …

Likes …

  • Much more satisfying ‘drag’ than my cigarettes have.
  • Better taste.
  • Menthol stays menthol and really clears my airways. (My menthol cigs tend to lose their ‘menthol-ness’ rather quickly.)
  • My Ego-T unit can be plugged into my USB port on my computer and use it for power rather than the battery itself, saving the battery for when I’m out and about.
  • The battery on the Ego-T is a big 1000 maH model and rarely needs recharging.
  • Almost everything in my ‘Looking forward to’ list above aside from ‘less messy’ (see below).

Dislikes …

  • Mixing flavours and plain PG / VG liquids and putting it into the cartridges can be a bit fiddly. It’s not too bad though and once done it’s done.
  • The first starter kit I bought was a 510-T (tank) e-cigarette that’s small and looks like a cigarette. I thought that was what I wanted but luckily once I tried it out and liked the vaping experience I immediately ordered an Ego-T on the suggestion from the great folks in the Aussie Vapers forum. Most of my dislikes are with the 510-T and I’ll list these below.
  • Compared to the Ego-T the 510-T just doesn’t have enough oomph to the vape. As in not enough ‘drag’.
  • The 510 leaks. Every tank cartridge I’ve used it’s leaked if I try to get a good ‘puff’ from it. That doesn’t happen with the Ego. I used the 510 while out today and when it got near the end of the liquid, the damn thing leaked all over my hands. The top of the tank cartridge that fits into the atomiser had come off completely – and I had made sure it was on tight before I put it in earlier. I carry wet wipes with me so it wasn’t too much of a drama but was frustrating. I had thought I’d be using the 510 for ‘dessert’ vapes with flavoured liquid like ‘chocolate mint’ and such, but because of the leak issue I can’t trust them and will be retiring them from service all together. (EDIT:  I won’t have to retire them after all!  See my next blog entry).
  • Nothing negative regarding vaping itself, but I gave the 2nd Ego-T in the starter kit to Rod and now that I won’t be using the 510s at all, I’ll need to order myself another one or two for my secondary use.
  • Again nothing negative about vaping, but I had thought I’d try it without nicotine and have found that I still need it so have ordered some and it should arrive sometime next week. So the ‘dislike’, hopefully just temporary, is that I’m still smoking actual cigarettes for the nicotine because that’s what I’m addicted to. I’ve read many many accounts where people who’ve started vaping using nicotine have completely quit cigarettes almost instantly because using an e-cig is so much more satisfying with none of the drawbacks of smoking. I hope to be one of those people. Then I can slowly lower the nicotine level used until I’m just vaping for the pleasure of it and not because I’m addicted to nicotine. And even if I don’t get off the nicotine at least I’m not inhaling burnt crud into my system.

Summing up …

I truly like vaping. It is extremely satisfying in a way that cigarettes can’t compare to because the taste and smell is so much nicer. I can honestly say that it’s far more enjoyable than smoking a cigarette and the sooner the nicotine I ordered shows up the better. It won’t be hard to give the evil tobacco carbon monoxide poison things away in exchange for something much cleaner and far more enjoyable.

Blowing off some steam

I’m going to become a vaper. In the last few days I’ve researched using electronic cigarettes (e-cigs, personal vaporisers, etc) and have decided to take the plunge. I’m going to try it without nicotine and see how I go. If I find that I still need nicotine apparently I can order it from o’seas. I thought it was illegal to import, but apparently it’s only illegal to import it if you’re going to sell or distribute it, not if it’s for personal use. But, as I said, I’ll give it a go first without nicotine as that would be better long haul than adding an addictive element to it. I’m looking forward to being able to use it inside, and in particular when I’m writing.

I started smoking again last March or April and am just so fed up with being ‘chained’ to it again – the expense, the mess, and the whole health thing.

I don’t think I’ll be saving much money to start with as I’ll need to buy supplies and then there’s experimenting to find what works for me, but as long as I don’t hate it (which I doubt will be the case), the savings will come into play in the longer run.

I’ve found an online forum, AussieVapers, and after a bit of reading have been fascinated by the whole sub-culture of people who help each other out with suggestions and advice and how the local Aussie vendors also are very good about participating and being a part of the community. There are also just tons of videos online with reviews of products and tutorials. Another thing I found was the vast amount of different ‘flavours’ there are out there. What makes an E-smoke work is an atomiser that heats up the liquid ‘juice’ that’s put in cartridges or tanks (which are basically just the liquid by itself as it doesn’t need any wicking material). I opted for the tank kind as I reckon that will be easier for me to fill. As to the flavours, it’s not just tobacco or menthol flavours. There’s fruit, chocolate, desserts, coffee, alcohol (cognac, whiskey etc). I suppose once a person has given up actual cigarette smoking there’s no point in having it taste like one… It may as well be something more pleasant. Mmm, mint chocolate chip? It’s taken me a bit to get my head around that but that’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

Yes, I realise I’ll be just ‘blowing smoke’ (albeit vapour) but if that gives me an edge in getting off the cigarettes (which are called ‘analogs’ in the vaper culture), that’s a good thing. I can sit in my office and puff away without the smell, and all the health issues that go with smoking. I ordered my first kit which should arrive on Tuesday (Monday’s a holiday). It’s very likely I’ll be ordering another kit that will also work with the first one) in the same week. Apparently the other model will let me use my USB port to sit at my computer and use the e-cig without using up its battery. Plus it will give me spares which from research I understand is something you’d want for being out away from home.

Looking forward to blowing off some steam… In a good way!

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