Vape Away

Photo by Gaelyne Gasson

I quit smoking all together in December 2011.  Before then, I had to actually work at becoming a vaper.  It wasn’t an automatic thing for me.  Some of the articles here are a little dated, but I do plan to add some current reviews of my favourite vape juice and what seems to work for me as far as devices and tanks go.  

Rituals and Taste

I’m still finding my way when it comes to vaping and giving up the smokes. Sadly, I haven’t been the lucky type that could immediately

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Cartos and Drip Tips

The other day I wrote about my initial experiences with vaping and wrote about the fact I had so many problems with the 510-T e-cig

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Blowing off some steam

I’m going to become a vaper. In the last few days I’ve researched using electronic cigarettes (e-cigs, personal vaporisers, etc) and have decided to take

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