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Adriamycin, one of the most potent chemotherapy drugs, comes from the dirt from an Italian castle.


Chemo Bad Hair Day
Chemo Bad Hair Day


Chemo Day
Chemo Day


Radiotherapy Planning
Radiotherapy Planning Session

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13Dec21  Leaving my friends house, I noticed their neighbours had their Christmas Fairy Lights up and how nice their display looked in the twilight.  I just wish the photo were better.  #2021pad #cf21 #fairylights #christmas2021
10Nov21  Matching iPad Mini and iPhone cases. When I ordered these I didn't realise they had to come all the way from the UK!  Very cute, but I worry about whether or not they add any protection whatsoever.  Still, cute stars and a moon.  #iphone #ipadmini #cases #starsandmoon #2021pad #muchlatergram
03Nov21  Is it bad that I want the cardboard computer?  It looks so retro and like an old Commodore Pet - sorta.  #latergram #jaycar #geekstore #retrocomputer  #allthecoolstuff
10Dec21  Guilty!  Marked down cookies have half the calories, right?! I really couldn't resist these 'oat and raisin' cookies (oatmeal raisin cookies). My step mother used to make these before we'd arrive with grandkids in tow and now those same kids have warm memories of these cookies their Gramma Vera made.  And ... so do I.  It was good to have a munch and think of her.  #2021pad #oatmealrasincookies #atasteofhome #goodmemories

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