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Adriamycin, one of the most potent chemotherapy drugs, comes from the dirt from an Italian castle.


Chemo Bad Hair Day
Chemo Bad Hair Day


Chemo Day
Chemo Day


Radiotherapy Planning
Radiotherapy Planning Session

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09Jan21  Getting Noble a bed that’s his own was a wise (and kind) decision.  Since his surgery, aside from when he’s outside or hiding under the bed, being near me is his ‘safe’ place, apparently.  It’s adorable and touching and really annoying all at the same time. Bless him. And yes, he has his favourite pink teddy bear with him too.  #2021pad #catsofinstagram  #tripodkitty #threeleggedcatsofinstagram
08Jan21 When I was  taking the pic of Neurmal, Noble came hopping in to see what the excitement was about.  He’s getting around really well these days (about 2 months post surgery), but he does like to keep near the wall for steadying himself. Which is something I totally understand.  #tripodkitty #threeleggedcatsofinstagram 
#catsofinstagram #cf21 #animal
09Feb21 Another test of my hands  and the rower. I used the splints that are on the table next to the rower and aside from getting the splints quite sweaty, everything was fine. Neurmal wasn't worried a bit about me and slept through the whole 36 minutes of exercise. Some advisors just know when to stay quiet but nearby!  When not in use my rower chain is kept taut in its hook.  #2021pad #cf21 #taut #rowing #darkhorserowing #homegymlife #keepmoving #iamadarkhorse
04Feb21  Got my hair cut! Yay!  Second, for those who know me really well, I have an issue with scratching my forehead on that side in my sleep. It's a very intense itch and I've no control when it comes or goes. At the same time a couple of my nails had broke during the night so were quite jagged. Luckily it's mostly healed up now. #2021pad #selfie #haircut #nightscratching

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