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Adriamycin, one of the most potent chemotherapy drugs, comes from the dirt from an Italian castle.


Chemo Bad Hair Day
Chemo Bad Hair Day


Chemo Day
Chemo Day


Radiotherapy Planning
Radiotherapy Planning Session

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21Mar21 A visit from Shaun! #goodfriends #nicecompany
24Apr21 A feather stuck to my wall?? No, it's filler that must have dripped when a friend was filling in some gaps in my gym ceiling. It's artistic but should probably be popped off and I dunno, sanded? #2021pad #gymart #stuffhappens #artfromabove
9Mar21  I changed the text colour on my favourite watch face so it matches my protective cover (which also is the colour of the watch itself.  I highly recommend using a cover and getting the Apple insurance. I cracked the screen in the corner on this the DAY my automatic insurance expired. Something I’m particularly annoyed with myself about. #2021pad #applewatch #pretty #annoyances
15Mar21 Showing off my really warm #DarkHorseRowing hoodie. It's the perfect thing for a cold day. It came last summer but was too warm for the weather. I think I'll be using it a lot in the next few months. #2021pad #selfie #rowing #darkhorserowing #homegymlife #keepmoving #iamadarkhorse #imadarkhorse
04Mar21  This weeks theme on Challenge Friday was ‘Blue’. So here are some blue towels and other things as well as a cute 3 legged kitty sunning himself on the step.  #cf21 #2021pad #blue #catsofinstagram  #tripodkitty #threeleggedcatsofinstagram #laundry #towels
08Apr21 Portrait of Noble. This is the nicest photo of Noble, and probably the best photo I've ever taken. I was experimenting with the camera on my phone and trying out various settings. This was portrait mode. My poor Noble, he's not quite as spry as he was but open a can and he's there before my next breath. He just picks and chooses what he goes fast for, and what can wait. I could learn a lot from him. #2021pad #latergram #portraitmode #catsofinstagram #lovemykitty

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