Smile and keep going

Smile and keep going
try to ignore the quake.
It’s not fear it’s a new reality.
New reason to find a new strength,
A new challenge, just to keep going.
The more I move and push beyond
The more strength I find.
Must keep going.
Must put another step forward
And another until they add up
Until the day is done.

©2012  Gaelyne R. Gasson

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Instagram Pics

31Oct20  Noble gives me the evil eye from his crate.  He was very displeased with me for keeping him in a crate but it was for his own safety.  He had all the amenities - a litter box at the other end, some warm fuzzy blankets, his favourite pillow and a little toy bear he ‘stole’ from me when he was a kitten.  Plus lots of love from me. 

PLEASE NOTE - This photo is over 3wks old. Noble is doing fine now.

#worriedkittymama #sadkitty #catsofinstagram #2020pad #muchlatergram #brokenlegkitty #tripodkitty #threeleggedcatsofinstagram
01Nov20  Munchie lunch.  I wanted cheese and crackers and other munchies so I set up my lunch as if I were at a party.  I should do that more often. It made lunch last longer and I quite enjoyed it!  #muchlatergram #2020pad  #cookingforone #lunchforone #lunchideas
15Oct20  Having lunch with Anne who was helping me on a special day. It was the 20th wedding anniversary for me and Rod.  We made it to 18yrs.  This day was harder for me than Rod’s birthday, but having a good friend to be with helped immensely.  #lunch #lunchwithafriend #harddays #widowslife #20thanniversary #goodfriends
18Oct20  Birthday dinner with friends at Yum Sing restaurant.  I’m blessed to have a dozen people willing to come have dinner with me! ❤️ #muchlatergram #happybirthday #birthdaydinner #Allthecoolkidsare59
15Oct20  Roses!  I took photos of the rose bushes on Sunday and no roses were present but today!  I have roses blooming.  These bushes were cut all the way back and here they are a month later back to life again. Such a nice surprise!  #roses #bloomingroses #mygardenlives
21Oct20  My birthday (on the 18th) had a rough start.  Noble came in limping badly and favouring his left leg while his right he wasn’t using at all.  It was a Sunday. I took him to the only open Animal hospital who gave me pain meds, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory for him.  We discussed xrays but at $700 plus possible surgery costs, I felt it best to take the wait and see approach.  Even lying down you could tell that his right leg was giving him problems.  #muchlatergram #2020pad #catsofinstagram #sadkitty

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