Odds and a Few Ends #2

It’s another Odds & Ends entry.  This time links to articles I found of interest…..

Hey did I mention I bought myself a cordless mouse?   Oh man, it is brilliant.  It is so nice not to fight with a cord and the scroll button is quiet – no more feeling like Rod can hear me every time I’m scrolling down a web page!

Today I bought 3 butternut pumpkins to cook up for pumpkin pie. These are my favourite as they really do have the right flavour without being too ‘stringy’.  I also bought a pack of six aluminium pie tins so I can give pies to a few friends of mine who’ve been hinting they’d really like some pumpkin pie again. And as one doesn’t go without the other, I bought enough cans of Reddi Whip (the closest I have to Cool Whip) to go with the pies. No good giving a pumpkin pie as a gift if it doesn’t have the whipped cream to go with it. Heavens, no. So tonight I’ll get a couple of the pumpkins cooked and make up my baking mix for it and then do the actual baking tomorrow. The pies will then go into the freezer until Thursday (or till I see my friends). I also found that freezing the pies makes the spices become stronger.  Oh, and frozen pumpkin pie?  OMG it’s so wonderful on a hot day. Better than ice cream even. 🙂

My recipes are still on the sidebar to your left.  Hmm, I guess that means I haven’t added a heck of a lot of recipes in the last year. Ah well. Just the best.  🙂


Article by US News & World Report: Acceptance of Chronic Illness Helps People Move On

Hmm, there may be something to that, along with other things, in the last several months I’ve come to the realisation that I can be happy now. I can be happy regardless of any circumstance. Sure not all things in my life are pleasant, but why wait to be happy?  I’m not sure which came first though – acceptance or the decision not to be unhappy. 🙂  Either way, it works for me.


Some of the Strangest Google Earth Sightings

I found this fascinating. Hope you enjoy it too.


17 cool magnet tricks

This just feeds my inner geek.  My fav? Reading how to make ‘LED Throwies’.  Sounds like fun and wish I could make a bunch for my daughter’s wedding – she’s getting married at / in a planetarium next year.



Looking for a recipe?  Don’t feel like Googling?  This site searches almost all of the biggest cooking/recipe type sites all at once for you and even helps when looking for specific types of recipes or diet needs.



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16May20 Sometime ago I brought Hammond into the o 16May20  Sometime ago I brought Hammond into the office to keep me company when I’m in here and the cats are elsewhere. He’s a good little companion and never interrupts me when I’m working… or playing. Never tells me what to do or not to do.  All this social isolation and the lack of HUGS in my life brought me to pick up Hammond and give him a very long heartfelt hug.  It really helped, and while I was hugging him tight, I thought of all the people I normally hug … which is a surprising lot, really.  So if you felt a bit of a hug type feeling yesterday it was probably from me sending it out to you. ❤️ #socialdistancing #huggingisneeded #gettingmyhugfix #loveyoucrazypeople
14Apr20 This turned out really tasty. Ramen soup 14Apr20  This turned out really tasty.  Ramen soup with mushrooms, prawns and hard boiled egg.  Usually prawns are a Sunday thing, but since I made a Turkey roast on Easter Sunday, the prawns had to wait in the freezer.  #2020pad #sundayprawnsontuesday # #cookingforone #cooking #latergram
17May20 I woke up this morning with my body doing 17May20  I woke up this morning with my body doing weird things like retaining water - it’s never done that before, so I didn’t even know what I experiencing until I described it to my daughter. So I had a few cups of tea (for it’s diuretic qualities) along with some ginger my neighbour gave me.  It’s helped a bit. We think it’s from the new medication I’m on. I’m not surprised it has some nasty side effects. Otherwise it’d be too good to be true.  But still, I wasn’t expecting my clothes - the same I wore yesterday - to suddenly almost not fit.  Geez.  #2020pad #Lyrica #teawithgingerandhoney
10May20 This lock is impossible to get unlocked. 10May20  This lock is impossible to get unlocked. It’s rusted right through.  I did finally get into the shed - I needed to because that’s where some items we have listed in our test store are kept. Someone wanted to buy up the rest of the Gameboy pouches and I was all for that.  So I had to face my fear (of spiders) and then use a whole lotta ingenuity to get into the shed.  The real surprise was once I got inside. The last time I saw it everything was covered in cob webs and things were kind of just wherever they got left.  There were newish strands of cobwebs but not nearly as many as I expected.  But.  It was tidy. It was ORGANISED!! I have no idea when he did it, but WOW!! I no longer fear or dread going down to the shed it’s in great shape.  Not sure about the other shed, but I’ll be brave and have a look sometime soon. #littleadventure #backyardshed #rustedlock #widowslife #belatedsurprises
17Apr20 Before he became ill, I purchased Rod a b 17Apr20  Before he became ill, I purchased Rod a bunch of work shirts that were made to last.  I decided it was time to give them a try.  I like the colour - and these appear to be button down but actually are slip on, making them rather convenient. So I have a few more shirts for working around the house.  Yeah, yeah. I’ll clean out his closet of stuff I’m not keeping… eventually.  It’s a hard task.  #widowslife #2020pad #latergram #workshirt #bisley

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