Mr and Mrs Caveman

Meet Mr and Mrs Caveman.

Gra and Rog, the cave dwellers

This is Gra and Rog.

Gra is the female of the clan while Rog, with his beard, is obviously the male of the clan. Both are equally in charge and not at all in charge, at the same time.  They were once human, but after 4 days of a rare November Adelaide heatwave, they have reverted back to their cavemen habits.

Gra tends to the day to day computer work at home while Rog does homework when home and twice weekly gets on his Suzuki-saurus and heads to the city to learn more about programming than even he thought was possible to learn.

When together, the once vibrant couple now greet each other with grunts.  Current habits include dunking their head under a spray of cold water to keep cool along with a couple of cold showers a day.  Another favourite pastime is watching TV in their darkened bedroom with the ceiling fan on.

As the heatwave progresses (it is now expected to ease up slightly on Monday), it is a concern how far this pair will regress.  Will they start flinging objects and one another or simply fade into the cave and cease all communication all together? Only time will tell.

Gra after an ice cold water spray

This is Gra after an ice cold water spray.

We don’t know why she’s smiling in both photos, but perhaps she has just reached the point of no return and her mind no longer comprehends misery. Whatever, best to leave her to her smiles and not interrupt her evolution… or was that devolution?

(Updated the missing photos on 24 Jul 2015)

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