General Stuff

Photo by Gaelyne Gasson

This is where everything that doesn’t fit in any particular category goes.  There’s a wide assortment here, so dive in and have a read! 

Toasting 11 Years

Eleven years ago today I had a mastectomy. Up until that time the only reason I ever needed to see a doctor was for the

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Smile and keep going

Smile and keep going try to ignore the quake. It’s not fear it’s a new reality. New reason to find a new strength, A new challenge,

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Small Steps …

Tuesday I saw this exercise physiology guy as part of my diabetes care plan. I think I get ilke four visits with him. I had

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Warm Fuzzy Stuff

G’day.  It’s 10pm on a Thursday night and I thought I might do a bit of a blog entry.  The image on the left is

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