General Stuff

Photo by Gaelyne Gasson

This is where everything that doesn’t fit in any particular category goes.  There’s a wide assortment here, so dive in and have a read! 


I did a lot of stuff today – see: While I was standing in line at the library waiting to check out my book,

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Learning to ride a bike

Quite awhile ago, my daughter put up a poll on DeviantArt asking something about learning to ride a bike without training wheels. I remarked that

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My Mom / Tommy

Apparently having family and family pics on Facebook brings out the best in me in terms of writing about memories.  As I wrote 2 rather long

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Lots of News!

Audette is here! I have a new Granddaughter!  My first and ONLY Granddaughter at that!  Her name is Audette Irean Gaelyne Andersen (yes she has my name

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Tackling the patio

Yesterday I tackled the patio… but not the whole thing, just the area where we hang out. It’s a big patio – almost the length of

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Odds and a Few Ends #2

It’s another Odds & Ends entry.  This time links to articles I found of interest….. Hey did I mention I bought myself a cordless mouse?  

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Odds and a Few Ends #1

I have a whole bunch of various links and things to share with you that have been collecting in my Evernote ‘blog’ notebook, so I’ll

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Mr and Mrs Caveman

Meet Mr and Mrs Caveman. This is Gra and Rog. Gra is the female of the clan while Rog, with his beard, is obviously the

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