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For those who may not know, I’d been working towards getting my drivers permit when I had a bad experience with an instructor and so stopped driving all together for awhile. I also had some extra health issues at the time.  I’d been using my blog to keep track of how many hours I’d completed and how many I needed before I could take the test and be done with it. Well, yesterday in Sth Australia the laws changed requiring more time behind the wheel before a learner can take the test and graduate to a Provisional license.  (Which means they can drive without needing a qualified driver in the car with them).

Why don’t I have a license? When I came to Australia, Rod just had a motorcycle and so I didn’t have vehicle to drive or a need to drive one. And then when I got around to looking at my Michigan Drivers license, it had expired the week before.  Had I checked it sooner I could have just walked in and traded it in for an Australian one. ARG. Anyway, too late for that now.

So last year I went through a course with Kirsty Hales and we both managed to pass the written test. She now has her P-Plates but I don’t… and I have this lovely ‘new’ car to drive so think I better get my act together, get some practice in and take the dang test. But meanwhile I need to sort out my time sheets.

So far it looks like I have (minutes):

Day:     4,035  / Minimum Needed: 3,600
Night:      665  / Minimum Needed:    900   (Still need to do: 235)

Total Needed: 4, 500 (including 900 Night time minutes)

So, looks like I’ll be driving Rod to do grocery shopping at places further from home than the Coles up the road for a little while.

I will get the dang license. I have places to go that it’d be nice to do on my own.

One other thing I really want to do is switch my website over to WordPress. I’m working out a design for it while I’m also working on a design for my daughter’s site at the same time.  So one of these days you’ll be seeing something very different here.


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