Breast cancer awareness month

As a Breast cancer survivor of 9yrs, I find I have different reactions to Breast cancer awareness month even on a day to day basis. 

Sometimes I resent the reminder that 9yrs ago this month I was recovering from a mastectomy & fretting over starting chemotherapy. That our first wedding anniversary & my 40th birthday was over-shadowed by my recovery.

Other times I’m grateful & humble I’ve made it 9yrs past some of the worst days of my life. 

Mostly I wish for every awareness campaign there were equal amounts of energy put towards finding a cure. 

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13Dec21  Leaving my friends house, I noticed their neighbours had their Christmas Fairy Lights up and how nice their display looked in the twilight.  I just wish the photo were better.  #2021pad #cf21 #fairylights #christmas2021
01Dec21 My SodaStream bottle and my Brita Marella water jug.  This jug annoys me. It seems to be designed by a tall person with no tremors or thought to people with tremors or with kids in mind. It's too tall to fit in my fridge so it has to go in the door. I can't fill it all the way with water because the top doesn't seal and it needs to be tilted to into the fridge door.  Trying to hold it and pour water into my 1 litre water bottle, I have to set the bottle in the sink. Because of my tremor, I need to lean the lip of the jug on the lid of the bottle.  The edges of the jug were too smooth and the jug kept slipping as I was trying to pour - so I got out my trusty nail file and roughed up the edges a bit. At least I solved one issue.  But this jug... how the heck did it get past the design stage?  I should have returned it but I've had it a few months and tossed the box. @sodastreamau #waterjug #water #sodastream #grumpygranny #2021pad
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16Nov21 Sharing a long distance hug with my sister.  The motion blur is because I can't help but rock from side to side.  We all need hugs, but when your family is on the other side of the world, some creative thinking needs to happen.  My sister and I have been hugging daily (almost) for 3yrs now.  Do you need a hug?  Try hugging yourself - it helps.  It's not quite the same but it does make things a little better.  #hugsaregood #hugthepeopleyoulove #hugyourself #2021pad #muchlatergram

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