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Welcome to my website. I’ve had this site in one incarnation or another for the last 20 years. I haven’t kept every aspect of my previous site as we all change and develop other interests over time. When I started out, the term blog didn’t even exist.  Now you can find blog posts, articles I’ve written, recipes that I’ve shared and photos from my very mundane life here in Australia It’s nice to have a place where if I feel like sharing something I can post it here and you can read about it if you’re interested. So, feel free to have a look around and I hope you’ll find something of interest.


Latest Changes

09 Aug 2016 – I finally have some time to spend on my own website, so as I type this, things are a bit in flux, but I’m already loving the new look and thinking of ways to make things sparkle – both in looks and in content.  Hang around and watch the changes unfold!


What’s on this site?

Personal Stuff

Your basic info about me, what I like, where I’m from, that kind of thing.



I wrote about my breast cancer, and have a funny housework page as well as an article about Evernote I wrote for a friend of mine when she asked about using it.


I love cooking!


My other half was quite interested in webcams even back in the ‘early days’. It’s turned out to be a real help, because my family lives in the USA and I’m down under in Australia. My kids and sisters can see me while we chat with each other online, and I know some of them find that reassuring. It helps make me seem less far away to them. We have a few different cams.

My Blog

I had a few off-site blogs before deciding to have a blog on my own site.  I don’t blog very often but once in awhile when I have something I want to share, I’ll write something. The topics range from general stuff, vaping, getting fit and health related like breast cancer and diabetes.


I enjoy taking photos with my phone camera and have a few projects like having a photo of the day and 12 of 12 days where you take 12 photos throughout your day on the 12th of each month. Most of my photos are on Flickr, but lately I’ve been using Instagram as well.


My Twitter Feed


Up to the date stuff in my life….


FlitterbyG @FlitterbyG
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_AU for 10/27/2016: 5,079 steps and 3.2 km traveled.
h J R
FlitterbyG @FlitterbyG
LOL. A friend's 5yr old is playing with her phone. I just got a bazillion stickers from her / him.
h J R
FlitterbyG @FlitterbyG
Can't get back to sleep. What is it with cats and 5am?
h J R
FlitterbyG @FlitterbyG
Woke up being loved by my adorable cuddly cat, who has no clue about personal boundaries. My other cat woke me last night chomping my leg.
h J R
FlitterbyG @FlitterbyG
My fitbit #Fitstats_en_AU for 10/26/2016: 5,621 steps and 3.5 km traveled.
h J R
FlitterbyG @FlitterbyG
RT @StudyAdelaide: South Australia has been voted 5th in top 10 regions to #travel in 2017 by @lonelyplanet 👍
h J R


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