G’day! Welcome to my web site. I’ve had this site in one incarnation or another for the last 16 years. It’s hard to believe I’ve been online that long, really! Recently I decided to give the site a different look – I hope you enjoy the changes. I’ve been quietly working on this in the background for the last few weeks and hopefully soon I’ll be able to share it with the world.

I haven’t kept every aspect of my previous site as we all change and develop other interests over time. When I started out, the term blog didn’t even exist. I have decided to go ahead and have a blog, as currently I seem to have lots of stuff I’d like to share. I tend to go in streaks with this so I’m not going to hold myself to a regular writing schedule, but it’s nice to have a place where if I feel like sharing something I can post it here and you can read about it if you’re interested.

So, feel free to have a look around and I hope you’ll find something of interest such as:

Personal Stuff
Your basic info about me, what I like, where I’m from, that kind of thing.

My other half was quite interested in webcams even back in the ‘early days’. It’s turned out to be a real help though, because my family lives in the USA and I’m down under in Australia. My kids and sisters can see me while we chat with each other online, and I know some of them find that reassuring. It helps make me seem less faraway to them. We have a few different cams. There’s one that’s atop a bookcase looking down towards both me and my husband, one on my desktop and a door-cam that’s on our porch and shows our car in the drive.

Breast Cancer
In August 2001, I found a lump in my right breast which turned out to be breast cancer. This aspect of my life has been added into my website. It’s now been 9 years since my diagnosis and treatment, and I’m pleased to note that gosh, I’m still here! Thankfully there hasn’t been anything new happening in my life in regards to breast cancer, but I have kept the web pages about it for other people who may need to know that yes there really is life after breast cancer.

Old Blogs
Random Experiments and Random Experiments II were two blogs that I used to keep track of the various experiments I do with my diabetes – what helps keep my glucose levels down, and what doesn’t. As it turns out, I also do other ‘random experiments’ in other areas of my life, to find out what works and what doesn’t work, so the blog was very aptly named. The first Random Experiments blog is/was on Blogspot, but I’ve since moved it to my own website as it makes it easier for me to update it. The new blog doesn’t have a name, it’s just part of my Gaelyne’s Home Suite Home web site. But I have included most of the entries from the other blogs. Maybe. I’m still deciding on this as I write!

Photo Gallery
Sharing photos from my Flickr account.

House Work Avoidance Tips
This is a humorous essay that I wrote in 1996 when I was bemused that people were finding my site when looking up ‘housework’ in search engines. It’s still a good read. I used to wonder why people would use housework as a search query, but as the net has matured, I find even I look up silly things like how to iron, just in case someone’s shared a hint or tip to make the job easier.

So without further comment, I’ll let you have a look over the site and hope you enjoy your visit. Cheers!



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