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Welcome to ‘Gaelyne’s Sanctuary’. If you’ve visited in the past (welcome back!) you probably noticed I’ve given my site a new name and look. I’ve spent several months working on this revamp – mostly trying to find the time to work on it. I chose the name ‘sanctuary’ because I found working on it has given me a sense of peace while the rest of my world seems to be falling apart. My husband was fighting lung cancer, so life was a little crazy then. It’s a place where I can come and make one small corner of the world a little brighter.

I have a variety of interests but they boil down to cooking, writing, taking photos and playing Bingo on Facebook. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to talk to me in comments or on the contact page.

What's in my Sanctuary?

My Blog

I had a few off-site blogs before deciding to have a blog on my own site. I don't blog very often, but when I have something I want to share, I'll write about it. The topics range from general, fitness, cancer, diabetes, vaping and maybe a rant here and there.


I love cooking, sharing recipes and enjoying myself in the kitchen. Most are recipes I wanted to share with my kids or have available so I wouldn't lose them. I don't do fancy stuff, but I like challenging myself with learning to cook something I've never made before.


I enjoy taking photos with my camera and have a few projects I do such as Photo of the Day, and 12 of 12 days and a group on Flickr and Facebook called Challenge Friday. If I happen to cook something I'm pleased with, I'll often take a photo of it for my pic of the day. Mostly the photos I take are snapshots of my life, which is pretty mundane, I think. But my world is different from what my family in the USA experiences so sharing seems a nice thing to do.

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Photo a Day 2018

These photos are my Photo a Day 2018 selections.  I don’t take pics everyday, but I try to on most days, even if it’s pretty

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Challenge Friday

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Random Instagram Pics

My Facebook Fitness Page

22Sep20  New vape.  This is a beautiful Rainbow Eleaf iStick Rim C.  I ordered it in June and finally received it today.  It came via the Netherlands so of course it was opened by Border Force.  It perfectly matches my rainbow Crown 4 tank.  The “C” in the name is because it charges using a USB-C cable and is fast charging. You add your own battery to it so I can have a spare ready to go. It’s small, fits well in my pocket and even though the sides are quite smooth the back has a rubber strip on it so grips well. It’s early days but I think this one is winner.  #2020pad #vaping #vapegear #eleafistickrimc #uwellcrown4tank
08Aug20 My gym.  Someone in the Dark Horse Rowing group asked to see photos of people’s set ups at home.  It started out with just a few things more than 10yrs ago and has been added to over the years. The treadmill gets used, but is kept in the upright position so my cats don’t try to use it as a large scratching pad.  #myhomegym #homegymlife #rowing #treadmill #gym #recumbantbike #stepups #dumbbells #balancetraining #darkhorserowing #strengthtraining #keepmoving #2020pad
27July20  Last Sunday my Tesla app informed me on my phone that the Powerwall was running my house electricity. I didn’t take that to mean I was off grid, but that’s what it meant. By time I realised, the Powerwall had used up it’s stores so my lights went out.  I went to flip the meter isolator switch and waited for the grid to reconnect. I did NOT expect it to suddenly start making grinding gear and spark-like noises!  I had my phone in my hand so I recorded it.  When a friend stopped by I showed him the video and he called SA Power who came out, watched the video and disconnected my power from the meter so I’d have power overnight until the energy retail company could come replace their damn faulty meter.  This was the 2nd time a power outage had caused the Powerwall to drain completely and then not start back up again.  The engineers at Tesla have thanked me for my patience as this is a genuine bug they weren’t aware of and have been investigating it.  Bugs… they find me. Rod would not be at all surprised.  I used to run into software bugs all the time.  Just my luck.  #2020pad #powerwall #tesla #sapowernetworks #bugfinding #electricity
27July20  I made myself the cutest little ham.  I took a photo of it to show how small it was (barely 1kg) and used a coffee cup (yes, my extra special Rowing mug) for size comparison.  I still ended up with about 5 meals from this small ham.  One the night I made it, some leftovers with baked beans the next day and a few packets of sliced ham steaks in the freezer for future meals.  #rowing #darkhorserowing #cooking #cookingforone #ham #catch #drive #release #recover
18Aug20  I made barbacoa beef in the slow cooker and made soft tacos with some of it for for my dinner. YUM!  #2020pad  #cookingforone #cooking #muchlatergram #barbacoa #softtacos #tacos
26Aug20  My neighbour made this for me.  It’s made with Greek yogurt and sugar free jelly (Jello). #goodneighbours #Ihavethebestneighbours #treat #type2diabetes #t2diabetes #2020pad
12Aug20  This was the only pic I managed to take for the 12 of 12 for this month.  #2020pad #randompic
01Sep20 “Catch Drive Release Recover”. My desk and coffee mug from @DarkHorseRowing.  In my In-Tray is my Bydureon injection pen warming up so I can use it. It’s sitting atop my daytime wrist splints for carpal tunnel relief.  In my purple “glitter shoe” is my glucose meter and supplies.  Just a day in my life. #2020pad #rowing #darkhorserowing #type2diabetes #t2diabetes #dayinthelife
04Aug20  Hot Pink!  I finally got my new silicone seatcover for my C2 Rower. I really love the colour it adds to my gym - a bit of feminitiy amongst all the grey black and silver!  #rowing #darkhorserowing  #homegymlife #keepmoving #2020pad #cf20 #Edge
06Aug20  I had my annual mammogram the results were good. Nil New or Sinister stamp is a good thing. I like the “Faithfull” comment - no idea what that was about. This is the 19th anniversary of when breast cancer darkened my world. #muchlatergram #mammogram #mammogramssavelives #breastcancer
03Sept20  My keyboard shrunk.  When I got my computer, this little keyboard came with it. Until this day, I’d never tried it, preferring the larger keyboard with the keypad.  I thought I’d give it a few days and if I didn’t like it, I could just put it back in the box. I liked it. In the photo, it’s charging. It’s actually a wireless one. I like it because I can move it the heck out of my way much easier than I could with the larger one. So I’ve forced myself to get used to it. I still have moments of “where’s that key, what’s the magic combination again”, but for the most part, I’ve settled with it.  Also, for my Challenge Friday group, this is from week 36 and there are noses in this picture!  #2020pad #cf20 #noses #mac #magickeyboard #googlenesthub
10Aug20  This lasagna looked great until I let it cook a bit too long and the edges took on a burnt look. It was fine and even the burnt parts tasted fine. I was really disappointed when I first saw it finished - until I had some and realised it was all ok after all.  #cookingforone #cooking #2020pad #lasagna #lookscanbedeceiving

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