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Wow, the cams are working again as of  6 July 2016, such as they are.  I had to fix 2 lines that had been commented in my modprobe.d/options file.  Easy fix. I’m sorry it took so long to look into.
  • The webcam page uses Ajax to refresh only the images and date, time & temperature.
  • The top image is Gaelyne’s camera that sits atop her monitor.
  • The middle image is a ‘fly’s’ view of our office showing only the working half of the room. The other half is a lounge area. The camera is mounted on the top of a bookcase.
  • The bottom image is our Doorcam. You’ll see our car and maybe a person coming to the door now and then.  This camera can be flaky at times so it might be fuzzy or blue.
  • All images are updated every 15 seconds.
  • If we are offline (our servers are always online but our own personal computers are not always online), you will now see a ‘webcam currently offline’ image.  I’m not sure if this still works (06Jul16).

Want something else to see? Check out:  (Note – these links may no longer be correct. Let me know if any are duds.)

  • Video for Linux Resources. LOTS of interesting stuff here, and it’s where I found what we are currently using for both our cameras.
  • Motion. This is the software we’re using for both cameras. It has many features and seems more robust than what we had previously. For instance the camera pictures don’t lag so far behind. It has a ‘webcam’ option, but I’ve found the ‘lastsnap’ options to be just fine for our purpose. The door cam still has motion detection – a dog barks when motion is detected, and an mpeg movie of the event is captured. All with the same software while having two camera’s connected to the TV card. (Cool!)
  • Linux: xawtv Homepage. When I watch TV using the card, this is the software that I use.
Created 13 November 1999

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