The idea behind 12 of 12 is to take 12 photos that show what your day was like on the 12th of each month. Sometimes it can be a fun day out, other times it’s a typical day at home. You can still view the entire series of pics from December 2009 through to the present on my Flickr 12 of 12 Collection.¬†

February 2018

12 February was a Monday and pretty ordinary but I did gym, made tea and watches some stuff on both tv and youtube.
12 of 12: February 2018
March 2018

The 12th of March just happened to be a public holiday for those of us in South Australia – Adelaide Cup day. We had absolutely no plans and the day was enjoyed doing mostly nothing of importance, and we succeeded at it!
12 of 12: March 2018
April 2018

This is my day on 12 April, 2018. I made lunch, visited friends, brought home a new fan, went grocery shopping, did the treadmill, had some wine, played Bingo online, annoyed Rod and he made a lovely tea for us.
12 of 12: April 2018


January 2018

The 12th of January 2018 found us in the Blue Lake Motel in Mt Gambier as we took a short holiday break to see the sites around Mt Gambier, visit the Naracoorte Caves and maybe see Larry the Big Lobster at Kingston SE.

12 of 12: January 2018




December 2017 Tuesday the 12th of December was a warm day (about 36c) and I did Tuesday things as well as a few odd jobs.




12 of 12 December 2017


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