The idea behind 12 of 12 is to take 12 photos that show what your day was like on the 12th of each month. Sometimes it can be a fun day out, other times it’s a typical day at home. I’ve removed all the pics from last year and will use this for 12 of 12 photos from this year. You can still view the entire series of pics from December 2009 through to the present on my Flickr 12 of 12 Collection.

August 2017

The 12th of August landed on a Saturday. We went grocery shopping and picked up a reflex boxing trainer with a pair of gloves. Rod put it together for me and had a little go at using it.

12 of 12 August 2017


July 2017

This was an extremely ordinary Wednesday. Nothing of interest happened and around 11:30pm I had to struggle to get half the days photos… so lots of cat pics!


12 of 12: July 2017



June 2017

Yay! A public holiday! It was the Queen’s B’day (at least when we celebrate it in Sth Australia) so we had a lovely Monday walking at Christies Beach, having take away for dinner and otherwise doing nothing important.


12 of 12: June 2017




May 2017


The 12th came on a Friday. I spent a very quiet day as I wasn’t feeling well.




12 of 12: May 2017


April 2017

My day on 12 April, 2017.  This time the 12th landed on a Wednesday, when the most exciting things that happened was gym and a visit from a good friend.


12 of 12: April 2017




March 2017


The 12th of March arrived on a very windy and rainy sunday.  The next day would be a public holiday (Adelaide Cup Day) so we took it easy and tackled a few projects around the house.




12 of 12: March 2017




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